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On the other hand, the "Japanese ace" has been highly praised since its listing, with a preservation rate like accord and a price like accord

2021-08-28 12:35:23 Oriental Information automobile

The development of science and technology , The automobile industry has entered a golden age , All kinds of manufacturers bloom , countless “ God car ” Flowers blooming like a piece of brocade .“ Domestic beauty King ”WEI VV7, The reputation of the industry is well known , Never wavered over the years .“ Face value ” The Honda civic , Status is difficult to surpass , Brilliant performance . Pay attention to the quality of life today , Car purchase requirements are changing , Only by giving full play to its characteristics can a car stand firm in the car industry , As I said, this Teana , It is another reality “ Japanese ace ”, So far, it has been highly praised , The hedging rate is like accord , The price is like accord !

Teana has attracted much attention driven by Nissan , It has a relaxing and comfortable feeling , Perfect integration with everyone's demand that comfort is the primary condition for buying a car , That's why , Teana can always be invincible . But the standard of living is constantly improving , Consumers' demand for cars must be increasing ,LED headlight 、 Panoramic sunroof 、 Security configuration, etc , Just a relaxing and comfortable experience , It cannot adapt to the era of diversity . The enviable sounds of nature , This is not the only feature , So is it cost-effective in the market ? Whether its comprehensive cost performance is worthy 17.98 The guiding price of ten thousand yuan ? Let's make it up for you 360 Analyze all aspects of this Nissan first-class product —— The music .

A variety of trend elements are embedded in the car body of Teana , It meets the yearning of car buyers for beauty , The design is more in line with the aesthetics of young people , The whole is dominated by fashion . Integrated into the front face of modern scientific and technological language , It's a real eye opener , The rear design level is clear , Tail lamps are symmetrical and coordinated , The overall sense of hierarchy is full . Outstanding smooth side lines lead to a higher return rate , The tire curve is curved 、 bold , Highlight the sound of nature as stable as Mount Tai . However , There is no sense of design, the interior and appearance form a sharp contrast . Design language monotonous central control , It is the biggest factor affecting the overall experience of the interior , Packages lacking soft materials , Insulate the interior from luxury , There is no amazing grain decoration next to the bumper and around the center console , Lack of youth . in general , There is still a certain gap in the interior level of Teana under horizontal comparison .

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