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I really don't like Prado when I drive it. The car is 4.9 meters long and weighs 2.2 tons. It is equipped with 4WD

2021-08-28 13:02:27 Oriental Information automobile

With the improvement of people's living standards , Naturally, the demand for cars is also increasing . thus , So that the major car enterprises have continuously launched new models , To consolidate their market position . As for being used by Toyota prando in China 、 Mercedes G And the land 、 Tule occupies a certain market share , But now it really doesn't look like Prado , conductor 4 rice 9 heavy 2.2 Tons of , With 4 x4 , Insufficient 17 ten thousand , It's about this Roewe RX8. The car is excellent in appearance design and interior design , Far more than the models of the same class , It has become a big advantage . in addition , It is very generous in terms of configuration , With two differential locks , So it has a great market charm .

In fact, to be honest , This Roewe RX8 In the eyes of the Chinese people, the status is quite high , No less than Toyota Prado . The key is , The car also has an aggressive and charming appearance and strong and excellent off-road performance , Deeply fascinated by . Besides , Coupled with their outstanding quality control , It can be said that it really doesn't look up to Prado . Now let's learn more about this God car !

roewe RX8 As a flagship of SAIC SUV models , It does a very good job in front face design , A multi amplitude forward air grille design is adopted , With sharp on both sides LED Headlights , Make its front face look very beautiful and charming . Last , The side design of the car is also beautiful , Using a strong waistline to outline , It gives it a good sense of strength and muscle , Much more domineering than the same class Prado . meanwhile , Let it exude a strong off-road temperament .

What's more, it's worth mentioning , roewe RX8 The whole car weighs nearly 2.2 Tons of , It gives it very good handling and trafficability . besides , It also has a solid body of materials , Make it more attractive in the market . Last , The car's spatial performance has also reached the mainstream level , Its length, width and height are respectively 4923×1930×1840mm, Wheelbase reached 2850mm, It's a lap bigger than Prado .

roewe RX8 The interior design not only has a full sense of science and Technology , And the workmanship and materials are very solid and exquisite . First of all, the car has been used in a large area Nappa Wrapped in leather , Makes it feel very good , then , The car is also equipped with a large LCD screen , It integrates practical multimedia and other functions . Last , It is also equipped with sofa seats wrapped in leather , Make the ride comfort very excellent .

roewe RX8 It's even better in the power system , With one 2.0T Turbocharged engine , Maximum power can explode 224 horsepower , And the car still adopts a non load-bearing body , Central differential lock and optional rear axle differential lock are added , Make it a good car that can climb mountains and rivers . Last , Plus the whole car weighs 2.2 Tons of body and 4WD system , Makes its off-road performance even better .

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