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You don't have to wait for H6 to buy an SUV. FAW's new flagship

2021-08-28 13:02:31 Oriental Information automobile

Now the whole domestic automobile market , In compact form SUV Mainly , Many models have also made progress in this regard , Very good sales , Especially domestic , It ushered in its own take-off in this regard , Let him win his own world , At the same time, it changed the former impression and the former old overlord FAW , But because many aspects have become the product of no one's interest , But fortunately, he is also very competitive , Launched this Pentium T77. buy SUV Don't have to etc. H6 了 , FAW's new flagship debut , Insufficient 9W, Daily sales 400 More than a

First of all, from its appearance , Or ushered in earth shaking changes , It gives people a feeling of being at the forefront of international fashion , The thick and plump body makes it look like the overall performance is very good , The hexagonal chrome plated grille, combined with the sharp lamp group, also plays a good echo effect behind , The suspended roof is combined with a multi line waist line , The whole highlights a very good beauty and aura .

This car also gave us a great surprise in terms of interior upholstery , Previous designs , There is no whole new design , It gives people a luxurious and atmospheric feeling , Impact on and , The sense of hierarchy is also very coherent , The effect of LCD horizontal tube on the street makes it look very avant-garde in science and Technology , Two ads at the same time , Combined with cortical materials , It's also great to make it feel classy inside , On the configuration side , intelligence AI, Tire pressure test yes 1SB And other technologies are also applied .

In terms of power, this car is equipped with 1.2t The engine is combined with a seven speed dual clutch transmission , The maximum output power reaches 143 horse , There is still much room for progress .

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