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Compare with Mercedes Benz EQS and Tesla Model s static experience Zhiji L7

2021-08-28 13:34:50 Yiche original

Easy car original In the past, when cars were not vigorously developed and popularized , At that time, my transportation to and from school was bicycle . I still remember that the most annoying thing at that time was cycling when it was windy in winter , The oncoming wind will greatly affect the speed of riding . At this time, you just need to lean on your upper body to ride , The body feel will be much better . This is the influence of wind resistance coefficient on our daily life .

With the rapid development of automobile industry , The influence of wind resistance coefficient on automobile is even more significant . Take the pure tram as an example , At high speed , The overall power consumption and endurance will be greatly lost , It will make your driving experience worse .

And for cars , Air resistance is mainly composed of these two , One is the resistance caused by the airflow hitting the front of the vehicle , Mainly by the windshield 、 Air inlet grille and other components ; The second is the external resistance formed by the rear vacuum area , Generally speaking , When the vehicle is running at high speed , Appearance resistance is the main source of air resistance . The resistance caused by the appearance comes from the vacuum area behind the car , The larger the vacuum area , The more resistance . What we experience this time is wisdom L7, It opens its reservation during this year's Shanghai Auto Show , The pre-sale price of angel wheel model is 40.88 Ten thousand yuan , It is expected to be listed and delivered as soon as the end of the year . It is said that the drag coefficient of the whole vehicle is only 0.21Cd, Now let's take a look at what it has done .

In theory , The drag coefficient of the vertical plane is about 1.0, At present, the minimum wind drag coefficient detected is raindrop , Around the 0.05 about . Be wise L7 The overall body modeling uses smooth water drop edge curve elements , A lower drag coefficient has been obtained , And there are changes in endurance , Ascension approx 20km Endurance of .

To the side of the body , You can see Zhiji L7 Have a car running posture , It uses 25.9 Degree windshield inclination +16 Design of the included angle of the tail window top , The position of the cover is very low , This also creates a ready impact posture . At the same time, the new car also adopts the wind window inclination and super streamline sliding back design , Make the posture of the whole vehicle more relaxed .

Be wise L7 Aerodynamic design is adopted as a whole , And the Engineer for the whole vehicle 15 Three key parts were optimized , The wind resistance coefficient of the whole vehicle is only 0.21Cd, And Mercedes EQS、 tesla Model S Ranked in the top three in the world .

In addition to the body shape , Be wise L7 Many aerodynamic conditions are also used , Its entire front face adopts a closed modeling design , This is also a common design method for new energy vehicles . At the same time, the lower enclosure adopts active air inlet grille , It can be actively adjusted according to the driving conditions , In order to reach the optimal wind resistance state at the right time .

The wheel rim style also adopts the cyclone design . In addition, according to the official introduction , Be wise L7 Aerodynamic wheels are also available , Optimize by adding pneumatic kit to the hub , It can improve the turbulence near the wheels . Pirelli brand is used for tires P Zero model , This is also the flagship product of Pirelli brand , It's a sports tire , The front wheel size is 245/35 R21, The rear wheel size is 265/35 R21.

Be wise L7 The design of the rear of the car is quite simple , It adopts the integrated design of suspended tail wing and tail lamp , At the same time, the lower enclosure also integrates the design of diffuser and deflector , The overall visual effect is refreshing .

Be wise L7 The tail light of the is also cleverly integrated with the tail wing , Slight rise , Guide the air flow upward , Effectively improve the turbulence at the rear of the vehicle .

in addition to , Be wise L7 The chassis adopts the front double wishbone type + Structure of rear multi link independent suspension , At the same time, lightweight all aluminum treatment is used , It also has a rear wheel steering system . In addition, Zhiji L7 The whole chassis is also fully covered , Not only does it look more regular , It's also helpful for aerodynamics . It is reported that this design stems from the pneumatic principle of golf surface , Pneumatic guide grooves with regular arrangement , It helps to dredge the air flow during driving , Play the role of drainage and growth , It can effectively improve the air flow velocity of the chassis of the whole vehicle, and then improve the tail vortex , Improve the back pressure of the whole vehicle , Reduce resistance .

Be wise L7 Your headlights are a bright spot , This set of DLP The shape of intelligent lighting system is like a side letter M, And brand IM The logo echoes , When the light band is on, the whole head will also have obvious recognition . In terms of function , It has intelligent lighting to guide 、Spot light Pedestrian reminder 、 Wide light blanket guide 、 Zhi Huiguang moves with his eyes .

Among them, smart light navigation and smart light eye movement have a sense of science and Technology , Intelligent light navigation can be combined with high-precision map navigation , The navigation information can be directly projected onto the road , This will be more intuitive ; The smart light eye movement function is to track the eye direction through the camera in the car , Control the headlamp light to illuminate the driver's viewing direction .

Above the roof is Zhiji L7 Another highlight of , be known as Carlog System . It USES a 3 individual 4800 Megapixel camera , Can achieve 180° Distortion free ultra wide angle shooting , Support 4K HD video shooting 、 The night scene , High dynamic range 、 Delay photography 、 Slow motion photography and other modes . And the captured video can be edited with one click in the car 、 One click sharing to social media . You might think it will increase the drag coefficient , But according to the Engineer ,Carlog The equipment does not increase the drag coefficient by the slightest bit .

In addition, in terms of intelligent driving assistance , Be wise L7 Have 12 A high-definition visual camera 、5 Millimeter wave radar , as well as 12 An ultrasonic radar , Also support NVIDIA Orin X(500~1000+TOPS) and 3 A lidar upgrade capability , Subsequently, lidar entered the mature stage of commercial mass production , Zhiji will immediately upgrade the lidar system on the mass production vehicle .

Be wise L7 Frameless door design and inductive opening function are also used , You just need to carry the key to the side , The system detects the driver , Then the door will open automatically , And when you get into the car , Press the brake pedal , Then the door will close automatically .

In terms of motivation , Be wise L7 Maximum power of mounted motor 400kW, Peak torque 700 N·m, Speed up to 3.9 second . In terms of endurance , Be wise L7 All standard 93kWh The battery , With a range of 615km.

Be wise L7 Also equipped with 11KW High power wireless charging function , Its charging efficiency is almost the same as that of traditional charging . It can be charged in an hour 10.5 Degree electricity , according to NEDC working condition , amount to 70~80 The endurance of the kilometer , Can basically guarantee a day's daily commute , At the same time, it also eliminates the trouble of manual charging .

In addition, this activity is only the analysis of appearance design , Be wise L7 The interior part of the will be unsealed with future activities , If you are interested in this new car , You might as well keep an eye on our report .

summary :

As the owner of pure electric new energy , For me , The endurance improvement brought by the lower drag coefficient is actually limited , And this also works at high speed , And our daily intercity travel , The effect of wind drag coefficient is almost minimal .

In addition, in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta , The layout of charging facilities is still relatively perfect , So that the mileage is no longer anxiety , Electric cars can also travel by themselves . In contrast, I pay more attention to the speed of energy supplement efficiency , If one day pure tram can be realized OPPO Same charge 5 Minutes can be used 2 The hours , Then consumers will no longer struggle with the contradiction between fuel-fired vehicles and electric vehicles .

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