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Independent sedan SUV vs vs vs. Geely Xingyue s PK Chang'an cs85 Coupe

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Easy car original Speaking of sedan running SUV, The first time you heard about BMW X4 Or BMW X6, It could be Mercedes Benz GLC or GLE Of Coupe. in the past , Models in this market segment often appear in luxury brands , They have a rich product line , There are enough standard level products , Therefore, they need to meet the special user groups of the market segment .

The car ran SUV The originator of —— BMW X6

Nowadays, many independent brand manufacturers in China SUV The series has also expanded from a single compact at the beginning to a full range of products from small to medium-sized . Gradually, , There are also independent brands in the market segment , The car ran SUV It has become the first shot in the market segmentation of many enterprises .

Why? ? Because today's sports trend is beginning to rise , Radical design, if combined with routine SUV The square appearance , Always feel so abrupt , therefore , This is a sports car run SUV Gradually become a new favorite .

Not long ago , Geely has ushered in a new sedan SUV models —— The more lucky star S, After upgrading the appearance, interior and so on , What kind of strength gap does it have with its rivals at the same level , We chose Chang'an today CS85 Coupe, Fight it , Compare these two models in an all-round way .

Both cars are sedans SUV, Adopted Coupe The shape design of , The more stars S Compared with the current Xingyue, the overall appearance of the has not changed much in terms of large design , But the details have not changed much .

Front face , A layered front face design , The upper part of the air intake grille in the scale style , It looks more hierarchical , Better visual effect . The lower part of the grid is filled with transverse segments , The interior includes panoramic camera and millimeter wave radar .

The more lucky star S Front face modeling

meanwhile , It's also equipped with AGS Active air intake grille , It can be used to reduce the wind resistance coefficient . Three electro-optic green decorations are added on both sides of the air inlet , Make the front face more radical .

The side part , The more stars S The shape of the sedan car reflects incisively and vividly , Sliding back top line and smooth waist line , Make the whole car look more flexible , The bottom skirt is also decorated with electro-optic green , Enhance the visual effect .

The more lucky star S Side design

On the tail , It's still an upturned curve , But with the blackened duckling tail , The four outlet exhaust of the lower enclosure also adopts the blackened design , The headlights are connected by a silver chrome trim strip , It seems to have a strong sense of integrity .

The more lucky star S Rear design

changan CS85 Coupe The design of has also taken a radical line , Inherited from Chang'an Ruicheng CC The spindle front face design has evolved , In terms of air intake grille, a large number of chrome plated decorative strips are used with horizontal air intake grille painted in black , A strong sense of stretch , The chrome plated decoration surrounding the lower part presents a shape similar to yuruyi .

changan CS85 Coupe Front face design

The side part , The whole Chang'an CS85 Coupe The waistline is straight , stay C There is a break point on the position of the column , The silver chrome trim also embellishes the entire side window , Door handle and lower edge of door panel .

changan CS85 Coupe Side design

The tail design is relatively smooth , Chrome trim runs through the headlights on both sides , The part surrounded by the lower part is also outlined by chrome plated trim strips. There are four exhaust from both sides , It is the embodiment of its sense of movement .

changan CS85 Coupe Tail design

Although the design of both cars is sedan SUV, But the overall style is quite different , The more lucky star S A large number of fumigation kits are used , Set off this radical sense of movement of the vehicle , And Chang'an CS85 Coupe A lot of chrome plating kits are used , Make this car more luxurious in sports . As for which design is more attractive , Different people have different opinions .

Dynamic part , It is also the most concerned part of everyone , As a sedan SUV, Performance cannot fall , And the more stars S And Chang'an CS85 Coupe The powertrain used , They are the first line of domestic independent brands .

Power data comparison

The more stars S The whole line is equipped with Drive-E series 2.0T High and low power engine , The maximum power of the low power version engine has reached 140kW, Peak torque reached 300N·m, matching 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox .

Maximum power of high power engine 175kW, Peak torque 350N·m, matching 8AT transmission , The whole system adopts the front McPherson independent suspension , Rear multi-link independent suspension .

It is worth noting that , The low power version engine reaches... At engine speed 1000 Turn around , The turbine began to intervene .1400 Turn to reach 300N·m Peak torque , This will be of great help to the power explosion when the vehicle starts , It can quickly enter the peak torque burst range , So that the vehicle can run under an ideal working condition for a long time .

The maximum torque speed range of high power version engine is 1800-4500 turn , Although it takes longer to reach the optimal torque burst range in the initial starting stage , But because the basic power is greater , Therefore, in terms of acceleration in the middle and rear segments , High power engine has more advantages .

Maximum torque speed comparison

2.0T The engine

Drive-E The motor and generator interfaces are reserved at the beginning of the design , Ready for oil electric hybrid . Because the cylinder block of the whole vehicle adopts embedded cast iron cylinder liner and nodular cast iron bearing , Therefore, the lightweight of the whole machine is realized on the premise of ensuring the strength . In addition, the high-pressure cast aluminum crankcase is matched with the forced ventilation system and EGR, It can reduce the center of gravity of the body . This makes the vehicle have a good fuel consumption performance .

2.0T The engine

changan CS85 Coupe The whole system adopts the engine of blue whale power ,1.5T The version is equipped with 1.5T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 131kW, Peak torque 265N·m, matching 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox ;2.0T The version is equipped with 2.0T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 171kW, Peak torque 360N·m, matching 8AT transmission . Similarly, the whole system adopts the front McPherson independent suspension and the rear multi link independent suspension .

2.0T The engine

Blue whale series engine is used by Chang'an Automobile in 2019 The new engine released in ,2.0T The version adopts high sulfur rolling fuel technology , double VVT Variable timing valve technology ,TC- Exhaust gas turbocharging technology, etc , This engine combines fuel consumption and power performance . At the same time, due to the relatively new technology , It's been upgrading . But for now , Because Chang'an model does not favor new energy , Therefore, the expansibility of blue whale series engines in the direction of new energy needs to be improved .

Blue whale power

interiors , Neither of the two cars has a dual screen design , But a split design , But in detail , There are many differences .

The more stars S The interior of has been upgraded on the basis of Xingyue , The overall interior design is still biased towards the asymmetric design on the driver's side , It's really friendly for the driver .

Interior Overview

Interior materials , The more stars S A lot of soft plastic lining materials and leather wrapping are used , Even the plastic cover in the center is decorated with frosted texture and electro-optic green , Look younger ,CMA The word "brand" has enhanced the brand power .

The steering wheel has a flat bottom D Steering wheel type , The real leather bag is soft , At the same time, it increases the friction , After adding electro-optic green suture , There's a sense of movement , High configuration models will also be equipped with shift paddles , It's not impossible to have a passion once in a while .

D Steering wheel type

12.3 A variety of different style interfaces are built into the inch full LCD dashboard , Sense of Technology 、 Future sense , All kinds of needs can be met quickly , There will be more after the upgrade in the future UI Style is provided .

Full LCD instrument panel

The central control screen uses 12.3 Inch screen , Plus the touch feeling around , Let the whole asymmetric region be fully utilized . The vehicle engine system is still familiar to us GKUI, The new model will also support FOTA Cloud upgrade , You can get a variety of different experiences online .

12.3 Inch center control screen

changan CS85 Coupe The interior of the car adopts an encircling cabin design ,T The integration degree of the center console is high . In terms of interior materials , changan CS85 Coupe The interior of the is made of plastic lining + Leather material , A lot of red leather and black enamel form a visual hedge .

Interior Overview

The steering wheel is also sporty D Steering wheel type , black leather + The way of red suture , However, the material and texture of the keys need to be strengthened , Some are plastic .

Three spoke steering wheel

On the dashboard , Except for the top version, the whole system adopts 7 Inch instrument cluster , The display effect needs to be improved , Top matched 10.25 Inch full LCD instrument performs well in animation effect and display effect .

Combined instrument panel

The minimum configuration of the central control screen is 10 Inches away , The central control screens of other configurations are 12.3 Inch , Performance in resolution and animation fluency is relatively outstanding , but UI The design is a little hard to say . Combined with the physical key and touch key area below , Looks futuristic .

12.3 Inch central control

For car running SUV Space , In fact, many people make a question mark , The main problem is , Influence of sliding back shape on rear compartment space and rear head space . So let's see how the actual space of these two cars .

Body size comparison

Some people say , One of these two cars is compact , One is medium , Can't compare , But let's look at the following actual data , It can be found that the two vehicles are almost the same in all aspects of spatial data , It can be said to be a level .

In terms of space in the first row , The more stars S In model height 170cm Under the premise of , Adjust the seat back to vertical , The seat is lowered to the lowest level , There are nearly two punches in the head space . And Chang'an CS85 Coupe In model height 180cm On the premise of , Adjust the seat back to vertical , The seat is lowered to the lowest level , There's only one punch in the head space .

changan CS85 Coupe Front row space

The more stars S Front row space

The second row of space we are most concerned about , The more stars S In model height 170cm, Without moving the front seat , There is still one punch in the head space, more than three fingers or so , And leg space is more than two punches . changan CS85 Coupe In model height 180cm, Without moving the front seat , Head space and a punch , There are two punches in leg space .

The more stars S Back row space

changan CS85 Coupe Back row space

This space represents the same level of Convention SUV comparison , In fact, the gap is not big , Mainly because the sliding back of the two cars starts from the position of the rear seat , Relatively, it has little impact on the riding space .

What about the storage space ? The more stars S It also performs relatively well in terms of conventional storage space , console 、 Drink holder 、 Glove box 、 Armrest box, etc .

changan CS85 Coupe Except for the center console 、 Drink holder 、 Glove box 、 Armrest box, etc. outside the regular space , There is no other storage space , In spite of the rules , But some lack creativity .

summary :

at present , changan CS85 Coupe The selling price is 11.99 Ten thousand yuan ~16.49 Ten thousand yuan , The more lucky star S Compared with Chang'an CS85 Coupe for , The price is a little higher , Reached 13.57 Ten thousand yuan ~17.17 Ten thousand yuan , But it is the standard configuration of the whole series 2.0T The excellent power of the engine , At the same time, in terms of configuration and Design , The more lucky star S Also slightly better . So if the budget is adequate , And want to be more athletic , Then the more auspicious the star S Better choice .

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