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It is said that GL8 is "dangerous". It turns out that so many MPVS will be listed in the second half of the year

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Easy car original mention MPV, buick GL8 The position of boss has been stable for many years , According to Yi Che App Show , This year 7 The monthly sales volume is 14115 car , Followed by Wuling Kaijie 、 The kei M8、 The Odyssey 、 The kei M6 etc. .

Except for business purposes ,MPV More and more frequently in family cars , Its big space 、 Flexible layout 、 Practical, it is other types of 6 seat /7 Seat models are incomparable . Plus domestic “ Three children ” The impact of fertility policy, etc ,MPV The heat of the model gradually increases .

Take the first half of the year as an example ,MPV Cumulative sales 45.6 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 25.2%, Medium and high-end products continue to strengthen . There will be many popular models in the second half of this year MPV New cars are on the market , This level is about to usher in white hot competition .

After determination, the model is introduced into China 、 Chinese name announcement 、 After the real car is exposed ,Sienna That leaves only the most eye-catching market price , It will make its debut at Chengdu auto show . According to the online price information , The new car will come out 5 Product configuration , Suspected selling price 27.68、29.98、31.68、33.78 as well as 36.78 Ten thousand yuan .

Can it challenge Buick GL8?

Toyota Sienna It was born in the North American market MPV models , On blood 、 Origin and product positioning , It's with Buick GL8 Most similar .

however ,GL8 It has sold more than... In China 20 year , The broad mass base 、 Good reputation and high comprehensive strength make it almost impossible to be shaken . and ,GL8 For different user needs ES Lu Zun 、 Land business class and Avia , Toyota Saina has a long way to go .

The highlight of Saina lies in domestic and hybrid systems , The author predicts that it will steal some users from hanlanda , This is also GAC Toyota's happiest trouble .

As for the vehicle itself , There is no doubt about the product power of Saina , Just choose the right and cost-effective car . The author thinks , Toyota Saina is about to become the most likely to challenge Buick GL8 The models , It is also the most authentic North American version available in China MPV models .

Compared with Kia, Jiahua has made several appearances in China , The arrival of modern KUs road is a little sudden . It is neither the latest modern brand MPV models STARIA, Nor is it Kia Jiahua's sister car on the same platform . Actually , It is specially launched for the Chinese market , And Tucson L More closely related to .

at present , The new car has been publicly and statically displayed . Details , The vehicle is long 4950 mm 、 The wheelbase 3055 mm , The rear torsion beam type independent suspension is used . Although the front and rear of the second row seats of the high configuration model 、 about 、 pitch 、 The leg dragging function is electrically adjustable , However, the third row of passengers can only enter and exit from the middle of the second row of seats .

Official information shows , New cars will be provided 1.5T and 2.0T The engine , They are all related to 8 The gear is matched with the automatic transmission .1.5T The model will become the main force , The author predicts that the starting price will be in 20 Within 10000 yuan .

Can it challenge Buick GL8?

obviously , Buick is not the target of modern kustuk GL8, People friendly selling price 、 Super value configuration should be its absolute weapon .

Kia Jiahua is a real global car , I have also had domestic sales experience before . Although the design is higher, the longer front looks more like SUV, But the interior seating and storage space are impeccable , Its conductor 5155 mm 、 The wheelbase 3090 mm . meanwhile , Jiahua adopts Kia's latest design language , Appearance value in MPV The best of the models . Besides , The rich functional configuration will never let you down .

The new car will be pre sold at Chengdu auto show ,9 Official listing . Previously exhibited imported models 3.5 l V6 The engine will be 2.0T The engine replaces , The most powerful 233 horsepower , collocation 8 Gear automatic transmission uses . meanwhile , In the overseas version 4/6/7/8/9/11 The layout of the block will be confirmed and adjusted to be more suitable for the Chinese market 2+2+3 The seat layout .

Can it challenge Buick GL8?

Kia Jiahua can hardly find any problems at the product level , But the brand influence needs to be improved , Especially for customers who want to choose as business vehicles . Previously, it was reported on the Internet that the localization rate of the car remained high , If there is no improvement , High cost and supply stability are potential problems that affect its normal pricing and sales .

last year 11 month , Honda Odyssey has launched a new model in the Japanese market , China will be listed and sold simultaneously in the second half of this year . This change mainly focuses on the steering wheel 、 Central instrument 、 Vehicle engine system and active safety configuration , The adjustment of vehicle appearance is close to Honda's latest design elements . As a reference , The price of a new car in the Japanese market 349.5 Ten thousand yen -458 Ten thousand yen ( renminbi 20.6-27.0 Ten thousand yuan ).

Can it challenge Buick GL8?

Honda in China MPV The model adopts the dual vehicle strategy of Odyssey and Allison , Under multiple factors , Honda dual cars have won the favor of more family users , They and Buick GL8 There is no very direct competitive relationship . It is worth noting that , At present, Honda dual cars are hybrid models .

Besides , In the latest new car catalogue , The new Allison has also been exposed , These two Honda models MPV All models should be modified accordingly .


About MPV The topic of , The author has a slight say , In the existing medium and large SUV And in the case of medium and large station wagons , The newly added Honda Odyssey has become the main force with children , I don't notice anything amazing when I use it everyday , But with children SUV And the station wagon , Will find that MPV There are so many humanized design highlights and convenience .

Want to challenge Buick GL8 The supremacy of , Several models to be launched in the second half of the year MPV In fact, it does not have absolute strength , But they are distinctive 、 Each has its own merits , It's hot enough .

For users , Now that you have chosen MPV, There must be some compromise on some needs . that , Large space 、 Rich configuration 、 Models with high comfort must be popular , Of course, we should also consider it according to our own needs . Maybe at the Beijing auto show next year , There will be pure electricity MPV The car appeared .

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