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Diodi pure electric car, not for anything else, just for the car of iron man

2021-08-28 13:49:51 Oriental Information automobile

As a car fan and movie fan , I often watch movies about cars . Like transformers 、 Speed and passion, etc , The cars inside are very handsome . Like Bumblebee ,007 Martin in the car is so fast , These are all models coming out of the screen . And for like SUV Of me , I was always interested in BMW X5 With deep feelings , Especially the new models , It also has a crystal handle , It's also very technology . And when I finish reading the duplicate 4 after , Iron man's car deeply attracted me , That's Audi e-tron, So I gave up BMW X5, It took 80 Wan mentioned this Audi pure electric vehicle .

Actually, this Audi e-tron The recognition of is very high , From a distance, this is not an ordinary Audi , It looks very fresh . Octagonal forward air grille , It can automatically adjust the opening and closing type . The matrix headlights on both sides look very scientific , Don't forget , Audi comes from making lamps . The body side , With the audi Q5 Very similar , But the details are better than Q5 A lot of improvement . The blade hub also looks very handsome , also , There is also a wheel shape on the wheel hub and connected to the pedal , It's very nice . The tail lamp is of one-piece design , Modeling and A8 Very similar , Especially at night , The flow modeling of the whole lamp also has a very high return rate .

On the interior , The evaluation of this car is medium , Not too amazing , But it doesn't look too tacky . For an Audi pure electric model , I think the interior should also be very sci-fi , Maybe Audi ended up like this , So I'm not too picky about it . The overall shape still continues the family design style ,12.3 Inch full LCD instrument panel ,10.1 Inch central control display plus 8.6 The inch control touch panel is basically the standard configuration of Audi series . The new electronic file brings great technology and creativity , I like this very much . The interior materials and workmanship of the whole vehicle are also very luxurious , All leather and solid wood decoration , The materials are very enough .

In terms of space , Personal feeling , Very enough . The length, width and height of the whole vehicle are 4901/1935/1628mm, The wheelbase is 2928mm, nearly 3 Meter wheelbase , The back row space is naturally quite enough , It's OK to cross your legs in the back .

In terms of motivation , As a pure electric vehicle , audi e-tron Front and rear axle dual motors are provided , In normal mode , These two motors can output 265kW and 561 Cattle meters , stay Boost In mode , This car can output 300kW and 664 Cattle meters , 100km only 5.7 second , It's also very exciting to drive . The range of this car 450km about , Charging is also very fast ,40 You can charge it in about minutes 80%, Fill it up for an hour or so .

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