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Wake up! The five fuel-saving methods from experience are not reliable at all. Don't be cheated!

2021-08-28 13:49:55 Oriental Information automobile

One thing has been done for a long time , Some people will sum up some useful experience . such as , In terms of cars, some professionals will sum up how to save more fuel when driving , But actually , Are these so-called methods or experiences really useful ?

1. To save fuel, slide without gear

The mechanism of the gearbox is easily damaged when the current automatic models slide in neutral , alike , In fact, the neutral sliding of manual models has no effect , Because now most of them use electronic injection and direct injection . Without stepping on the accelerator , Whether it's neutral 、 Put in gear , The fuel injection quantity is the same , Coasting in neutral with less fuel is not the correct way to save fuel . Moreover, neutral sliding is the idle sliding of the engine , When emergency braking , It has a certain impact on the braking distance .

2. Constant speed cruise can save fuel

Constant speed cruise was originally designed to liberate the driver's feet , The car has constant speed cruise , The vehicle speed can be set , Don't step on the accelerator , The car can also drive at the set speed . In fact, its emergence , Not to reduce oil consumption , It frees up the driver's right foot , Let the driver drive more freely . And when you start cruise control, it sometimes consumes more fuel , Especially at low speeds .

3. High gear and low speed travel can save fuel

Some car owners think it will be more fuel-efficient to keep the engine at a low speed with a high gear , It doesn't work . The normal engine is maintained at 2000 to 3000 rpm , The transmission gear is fully covered , Therefore, high-grade and low-speed are not easy to achieve . Carbon deposits can easily form in the engine when traveling at high speed and low speed , Increasing carbon deposits will make it difficult for the vehicle to start 、 Increase fuel consumption 、 Reduce engine power and other faults , Wear the clutch , So the transmission ratio is very bad , There will be engine shaking fault . This not only does not save fuel, but also destroys auto parts .

4. It's not good to refuel at noon

This statement is derived from the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction of physical knowledge , I think it's cooler in the morning and at night , You can add more oil . Little imagine , The gasoline tank in the gas station is placed deep underground , There are certain protective measures around , The oil temperature will not change with the temperature of nature , So the argument that refueling at noon doesn't save money is wrong .

5. The tire tread does not save fuel

The larger the contact surface between the tire and the ground, the greater the engine power and fuel consumption . conversely , fuel-efficient ? In fact, this practice is very dangerous , High tire pressure when the car is running at high speed , It will be more bumpy , Increased birth rate , Accidents are more likely to happen , So just keep the standard tire pressure as required .

source : Qingluan period

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