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Comfortable space + cool technology, sell 7-seat SUV, "Daddy" new choice!

2021-08-28 13:49:57 Oriental Information automobile

In this “ Level of appearance ” Time , Major models also began to pay great attention to appearance design . Junma SEEK5 The appearance is still very consistent with the current SUV The level of market appreciation . The overall originality of the appearance is very high , The front face is very recognizable .“ Cloud wing ” China open with multi banner chrome plating is quite a sense of design . The matrix shape of the headlight is very sharp , The interior design of headlights is complex , Double passing beam 、 Dual high beam LED The headlights will bring greater and farther lighting range . The silver lower guard at the bottom adds some sporty flavor .

The rear design is quite dynamic ,LED The tail light rising design shows that the rear center of gravity is very high . The bottom is connected with a larger diameter exhaust pipe with chrome plating , It's very hierarchical .

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