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Known as the most people-friendly luxury car, the 2.0T has produced 252 horsepower, and its appearance value exceeds Mercedes Benz class C

2021-08-28 13:50:04 Oriental Information automobile

Speaking of good cars , Everyone will think of BMW , audi , The three luxury car brands of Mercedes Benz . Its three models have a very high influence on the public . Over the past few years , With the increasingly fierce competition in the automobile market , Second rate luxury car brands will also rise , therefore , These brands are also constantly lowering the threshold . Today we are going to introduce a BMW 3 system . Known as the most people-friendly luxury car ,2.0t A burst of 252 The horsepower of , Looks better than Mercedes Benz c level .

Everyone must know , At the beginning, when the BMW three series was just launched , I criticize , But after several generations of upgrading , Now it's , So there are and Mercedes Benz 3 Level of strength .

In appearance , It looks fashionable on the whole , Designed for young people , And on the front face of the car , The double kidney air intake grille design is more flat . In the shape of the vertical grid, a strong chrome plated trim strip is added , This shows his tough style . Look at the angel eye headlights, it seems that there is an eye opening design , Make it more sharp . From the front of the car , You can see the protruding lines on his hood , It's brand new m Kit , Makes the car look powerful .

When viewed from the side of the car body, the sharp waist line runs through the whole body of the car , The sense of strength is doubled . besides , The blackening design of the window pillar also emphasizes the advanced feeling of the car . At the same time, the automobile hub with atmospheric design also adopts double five spoke design , It highlights the high-end of the car , It's also more refined at the rear of the car , Reflect the craftsman's lean . The whole body size of this car is length, width and height 4760mm,1811mm,1455mm, Its wheelbase reaches 2920mm, Therefore, it is positioned as a medium-sized car , Therefore, it is smaller than Mercedes Benz in size c Level larger .

On the interior , It still continues the temperament of simplicity and atmosphere , And BMW 5 The design style of the Department is similar . The front console is also a relatively simple design . The central control adopts a suspended liquid crystal display panel , It has a variety of multi-functional navigation and other equipment , The usual style of BMW chicken leg shift lever is still used in the shift . And the whole leather is used on the wrapping material , This shows the luxury and grade of luxury cars . At the same time, more advanced configuration is also carried out , The car is equipped with keyless start sensing doors , Keyless entry and other very practical settings . I believe that car owners who like fashion must like it very much .

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