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This beauty is enough conscience! A tank of oil runs 800 kilometers, with a length of 4240 mm and a price of chuangku

2021-08-28 13:50:11 Oriental Information automobile

Today's car industry is a sea of blood in the Jianghu , Looking back 10 many years , Countless luxury cars lead each other .“ Business benchmarking ” Vw magotan , In the market to crush the crowd .“ Luxury car representative ” Porsche Cayenne , Captured the hearts of countless car buyers . Today, we pay attention to the quality of life , The demand for cars is changing , Only by finding the right position can we succeed . As I'll say next, this free man , It's the beauty department with enough conscience ! A tank of gas 800 km , conductor 4240mm, Price is like chuangku !

The freedom man is Jeep A piece created in accordance with the times SUV, Relying on its unique appearance configuration , It better meets the needs of the buyer, and takes the appearance as a requirement of pursuit , therefore , Liberty man's position in the market has never been shaken . With the changing times , Most people are eager to get more from cars , Waistline design 、 Tail configuration 、 Air inlet grille style, etc , If automobile brands do not pay attention to all-round development , It's easy to be beaten down by your opponent . The outstanding freedom man , This is not the only bright spot , So whether it meets the requirements of consumers in other aspects ?12.98 Whether the starting price of 10000 yuan is sincere enough ? Next I'll talk about Jeep The painstakingly created freedom man, explain his personal point of view .

The appearance of freedom hero is designed to meet the aesthetic needs of users , The unique configuration style highlights the ingenuity of the design team . The air inlet grille has a special configuration , With the lights on both sides , The rear lights are unique , Compared with the headlights, they don't fall down . The huge wheel eyebrows and straight side lines make the new car look very tense ,225/55R18 Your tires can make people feel a sense of sureness . It is worth noting that , Freeman still needs to be improved in terms of interior workmanship . The center console is made of plastic , It inevitably looks cheap , The interior materials are still mainly hard plastics with a large area , Lack of gear , Although in the door 、 The seat bag has been decorated , But it's still hard to hide the low-level feeling , Indeed, the freedom man has made great efforts in the interior , But it still can't recover the situation of poor interior evaluation .

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