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Well deserved "sales king"! It sold 1.23 million units in 12 months, with a fuel consumption of 5.5L

2021-08-28 13:50:14 Oriental Information automobile

Speaking of today's SUV market , Independent brand is the real “ The king of sales ”, Great Wall motor 、 Geely 、 BYD cars have occupied half of the country , But when it comes to the car market , This should be the world of joint venture cars , Whether it's Toyota's Corolla, Volkswagen's Langyi or Nissan's Xuanyi , Both have quite good market performance , But when it comes to fuel economy 、 Cost effective , It's just Toyota's Corolla .

aesthetic , The car uses TNGA Platform design , The outspoken front face is also known as “ Small Asian Dragon ” Known as the , Have to say , Compared with Civic 、 lavida 、 Xuanyi and other models are much better , The body design of the big sliding back and its dynamic wheel hub , It shows the style of a car incisively and vividly , The concave convex tail and its penetrating tail lamp , Not just the most trendy , It is also very in line with the current aesthetic concept of young consumers .

Besides , Carola also has 4635*1780*1455mm Body size , Wheelbase reached 2700mm, This size is normal for a compact car . In terms of interior decoration, it adopts a new design language , and , Such a design is really surprising for Carola , Especially its huge LCD , Compared with previous Toyota cars , It also makes it more atmospheric , A lot of soft leather bags are also used , Make the whole vehicle more comfortable .

In terms of motivation , Carola is carrying 1.2T Turbocharged engine , The match is CVT Stepless gearbox ( simulation 10 block ), start 116 horsepower , Peak torque reached 185 Cattle meters , This kind of power is strong, not to mention , It's also very fuel efficient , 100 km only 5.5L, Compared with Langyi 、 Xuanyi 、 The civic , Carola did better . Besides , It also has a 1.8L A hybrid system consisting of a motor and a motor , What makes people proud is that it is as low as 4L The fuel consumption of .

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