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Aika reveals the mystery of Zhiji L7 0.21cd million curve

2021-08-28 14:23:51 Aika automobile

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as everyone knows , When a sports car with excellent performance flies on the track , Not only do you need powerful engines , You also need to match it 、 Aerodynamic body design , Make better use of the drag coefficient to run faster . And on 2021 year 8 month 13 Japan China Automotive Research authority certification , Zhiji made in China L7 Obtained ultra-low wind resistance 0.21Cd Amazing results , It has reached the top level of the world's top three mass-produced vehicles . And aika will unveil this smart car for everyone L7, Able to own 0.21Cd The mystery of the million curve .

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2021 year 8 month 13 Japan China Automotive Research authority certification , Be wise L7 Obtained ultra-low wind resistance 0.21Cd The third place in the world , And the price is only 40.88 Ten thousand yuan . And the world's first 0.20Cd Mercedes Benz EQS At a price of approximately 100 Ten thousand yuan , second 0.208Cd The tesla Model S The selling price has also reached the level of one million yuan .

To achieve such amazing results , It is inseparable from tens of millions of investment of Zhiji automobile , as well as 30 A joint team of more than experienced engineers and designers . They went through ten design iterations , Finally, the R & D and commissioning were completed at Asia's largest wind tunnel center in Chongqing . Achieve the ultimate unity of aerodynamic performance and design aesthetics , It's amazing 0.21Cd, It shows the strong strength of Zhiji automobile .

Be wise L7 At the beginning of design , Take ultra-low wind resistance as the core design goal , Strive to surpass the lowest model in the world at that time —— Porsche electric super run Taycan(0.22Cd), Provide users with the ultimate aesthetic and performance experience . The extreme ultra-low wind resistance can not only make you wise L7 get 3.9 Second ground flight super run feat , It can effectively improve the endurance performance .

In order to obtain ultra-low wind resistance , The design team started with water droplets that are recognized as having the lowest known wind drag coefficient , Draw inspiration from the shape of water droplets . The optimal aerodynamic angle is accurately calculated by advanced simulation computer :25.9 Degree windshield inclination +16 Degree included angle of tail window top . On this basis , Experienced intelligent designers , The curvature is perfect in one stroke 、 Beautiful super smooth roof arc , Completed Zhiji L7 Million curve .

In addition to the amazing droplet edge curve design , Be wise L7 It also has a range of aerodynamic components , These components also contribute to ultra-low wind resistance . Be wise L7 Strictly select aerodynamic components , Make it have both design beauty and aerodynamic performance . The active air inlet grille can be actively adjusted according to the driving conditions , In order to reach the optimal wind resistance state at the right time .

The unique aerodynamic tail lamp and tail wing are cleverly integrated , Slight rise , Guide the air flow upward , It can effectively improve the turbulence at the rear of the vehicle . Full coverage aerodynamic bottom guard , The detail design comes from the pneumatic principle of golf surface , Pneumatic guide grooves with regular arrangement , It helps to dredge the air flow during driving , Play the role of drainage and growth , It can effectively improve the air flow velocity of the chassis of the whole vehicle, so as to improve the tail vortex , Improve the back pressure of the whole vehicle , Reduce resistance .

Step optimization for headlamp modeling , Improved transition from the headlight area to the edge of the front fender , Eliminate surface difference , So as to improve the air separation on the side of the front , Reduce the wind resistance coefficient 0.008Cd.

The inner side of the rearview mirror is parallel or formed with the triangle window “ Inverted horn ”, Reduce the wind resistance coefficient 0.003Cd. And the designer admitted that with the improvement of Chinese laws and regulations , In terms of rear-view mirrors, later models with lower drag coefficient will be introduced .

The whole design team focuses on Zhiji L7 15 All key parts have been optimized , After ten rounds of design iteration , Tens of millions of R & D investment . After many experiments 、 Circular argument 、 After continuous grinding , The wind resistance coefficient has decreased 30%. Equivalent to wind resistance from ordinary trains (0.7Cd) Down to high-speed rail (0.48Cd), Finally realize self wisdom L7 0.21Cd Ultra low wind resistance .

Editor's summary : With the continuous deepening and strengthening of China's manufacturing industry 、 Investment in high-quality automotive Laboratory . What you can see is , In the future, more and more automobile enterprises will continue to overcome various problems in the automobile manufacturing industry . Make China's automobile manufacturing industry to another level , China's automobile industry has achieved greater development , I hope this day will come soon .

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