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Non double appendage? New continental Honda crf190l is coming soon

2021-08-28 14:23:57 Aika automobile

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ADV It is an important market for major manufacturers to compete , But in the domestic market , Chinese brands do the best , Product pricing can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people , On the contrary, the joint venture brand seems a little weak . But this time it's Honda's turn to wake up , Honda has really done a lot this year , Middle and large rows of new cars attack frequently , The new continent Honda and Wuyang Honda in the small platoon market also began to keep up with the pace . Just recently , Honda officials of new continent announced its latest ADV models CRF190L The details of the , Now let's find out .

According to the information exposed by the official announcement of Xindazhou Honda , The first thing we can confirm is its name , Anyone familiar with Honda models knows ,CRF Represents the off-road series of Honda family , and CRF190L It is the same as the current Honda flagship ADV CRF1100L There is a great similarity , So it's not difficult for us to judge , A new car coming soon , It will be a model similar to CRF1100L Positioned entry-level with off-road capability ADV models .

The new continent is not the first time in ADV Test the water in the market , As CBF190 Derivatives of the platform ,CBF190X It is the first model of Honda in the new continent ADV The models , Although it was built by streetcar platform , But the excellent performance can still meet the needs of most people for long-distance riding .

The official is very kind to release a few detailed pictures to arouse the appetite , It can be seen that the fuel tank trim panels on both sides can almost reach non dual 80% Similarity degree , And the windshield with the unique characteristics of the hardline rally car is also very eye-catching .

2019 paragraph CRF1000L.

We can see these details given by the official , Are reminiscent of non dual , This gimmick is done enough .

At present, we can only obtain written information and disclose CRF190L Very attractive in terms of off-road performance , We want it to have before 19 " 、 after 17 Inch wheels , And long travel suspension , Only in this way can it be worthy of CRF The name of .

summary :

Honda CRF190L And fierce prey, these two cars have carried... In the past few years ADV Banner , But as the ADV Market segmentation , There are more and more complex product types and displacement , The performance of domestic cars is more outstanding , therefore CRF190L The birth of Honda may change Honda's small displacement ADV Disadvantages in the market , But it also depends on the final product power and pricing , But Honda's aura is still strong .

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