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How to choose a brand new Qijun and CR-V?

2021-08-28 14:24:03 Aika automobile

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You can ask us any questions in the process of buying and selecting a car , We will combine your needs , Make a comprehensive comparison of the alternative models , Finally recommend the most suitable model for you . Dedicated to helping you solve the problem of car selection 《 Card guide a gang 》 The column is new again ! Today comes to 《 Card guide a gang 》 Mr. Wu of the column , I'm a project manager , Because of their hobbies and work needs , Want to buy one to help him “ Break open a way through bramble and Thistle ” The models . This issue of 《 Card guide a gang 》 The column , Let's see what models he's struggling with , How will you choose in the end !

Mr. Wu is currently a project manager , He worked hard in the workplace for several years , In order to better adapt to the needs of work and their own self driving hobbies , The demand for vehicle upgrading has also been put on the agenda . As a project manager , It's common to meet customers and travel , So buy an existing face , The car with lining is his main demand , It's best to satisfy his occasional wild heart .

Talk to prospective car owners :

(1) What is the budget for buying a car ? The loan is still full money ?

Mr. Wu :“ In recent years, the work has been on a steady rise , Now I have some savings , So it also gave me the idea of replacing a new car . at present , The cost of purchasing a new car is controlled within 25 All around , Maximum not exceeding 30 ten thousand . Because the work is relatively stable , I'm also doing investment and financial management , So I prefer to buy a car with a loan .”

(2) What are the car needs ? What are the special requirements for your car ?

Mr. Wu :“ Because of work , Occasionally need to meet customers , It's important to have a good-looking look . in addition , To tell you the truth, I stayed in the car for a long time , They pay more attention to the comfort and functionality of the vehicle , The most important thing is that the configuration should be complete . Out of the selfishness of self driving , Hopes the car performs well in passing performance , Can support me to cope with certain off-road conditions , So the vehicle must have a four-wheel drive system .”

(3) Are there any models of concern at present ?

Mr. Wu :“ Within my budget range , There are a lot of choices , It took me a lot of time to do the screening , Still go during 4S The store tested the car several times . Now in the new Qijun and CR-V Hesitation on both cars , The comprehensive performance can also meet my car needs , So I'm tangled .”

Since Qijun entered the Chinese market , In compact SUV Segments remain active , Both word of mouth and sales . In the recently , The new Qijun, which has completed the iterative update, is modeling 、 The function and performance have been optimized and upgraded subversively , Product strength has made great progress , It is also more in line with the current consumer's aesthetic taste .

CR-V In compact SUV The market segment is also one of the benchmark models , Good product strength keeps it selling well . Fashionable and dynamic modeling 、 Good configuration performance and driving quality , Make it popular with young consumers .

The two models selected today are top equipped versions , Official guide price spread 1.31 Ten thousand yuan , The landing price of the whole model is within the acceptable range of Mr. Wu . Then let's compare one by one to see which model is more in line with Mr. Wu's car demands .

Car purchase demand analysis : Finalize the new Qijun and CR-V

Body size , New Qijun and CR-V All are compact SUV, Although there is little difference in body parameters between the two in terms of body size , But the new Qijun still shows some advantages . In body length 、 The new Qijun leads in height and wheelbase respectively 57mm、41mm、46mm, In terms of body width , be CR-V Wider than the whole novel steed 15mm. So in the presentation of visual effects , The new Qijun is more atmospheric .

aesthetic , The new Qijun changes the previous calm style , On the contrary, it shows the personalized design combining strength aesthetics and fashion elements , More in line with the aesthetic preferences of young people nowadays .CR-V The best-selling is undoubtedly consumers' interest in it “ Level of appearance ” Recognition , Both sides have their own strengths . But in the face of increasingly picky young people , The new Qijun's more personalized design may be easier to gain their recognition .

interiors , It is not difficult to see that the new Qijun is more brilliant in creating a sense of Intelligent Technology , Especially double 12.3 Inch large screen with 10.8 Inch HUD The combination of , Three screen linkage can be carried out , It not only enriches the display effect of driving information , It also improves the security and sense of technology , It is also one of the configurations that consumers are very keen on nowadays . by comparison ,CR-V Then he behaved in a regular way .

motivation , New Qijun and CR-V All adopted 1.5L turbogenerator , There is only a gap in power calibration . Gearbox , Both cars use CVT transmission . Chassis suspension , Both cars also tacitly adopt the front McPherson rear multi link independent suspension combination .

As can be seen from the above list , The new Qijun has obvious advantages in power parameters and fuel consumption performance , This makes Mr. Wu very satisfied . as everyone knows , Qijun's 4WD performance has always been at the forefront among the models of the same level , Word of mouth is also very good . The second generation carried by the new Qijun 4×4-i Intelligent full mode 4WD has made great progress in performance , And support off-road 、 The snow 、 Automatically 、 economic 、 There are five modes of movement , You can also deal with complex road conditions calmly . In this regard , The new Qijun undoubtedly makes Mr. Wu more useful .

Design / Power comparison : The new Qijun is commendable

configuration , Each car has its own advantages and disadvantages . The new Qijun performs better in terms of intelligent technology level and difficulty relief ability , New upgrade Nissan Connect Super Zhilian 2.0 In addition to daily entertainment functions , It also supports car home interconnection 、 vehicle KTV Functions closely related to life , Close the distance between people and cars . Besides , For Mr. Wu's self driving tour and cross-country heart , The new Qijun is also more in line with his demands , The central differential locking function and hill descent are very practical functions .CR-V Better performance in comfort configuration , It can bring a more comfortable experience during daily travel .

CR-V Cabin interior space display :

In space , New Qijun and CR-V In terms of riding space and storage space, it can meet Mr. Wu's demands for space , Whether it is their daily commuting or self driving travel, they can easily cope with .

Review of highlights :

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To configure / Spatial contrast : Each has its own merits

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