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"Beauty resentment" ancient style and clear rhyme interpretation of sad and beautiful love "huangmiao village · underground palace beauty" Tencent video is popular

2021-08-28 14:26:37 Oriental Information automobile

Today, (8 month 22 Japan ), Chinese yuan season , The movie 《 Huangmiao Village · Underground palace beauty 》 Release theme song 《 Beauty resentment 》. Sorrow of leaving , Beauty resentment , Antique Charm , Tell your heart . The song was composed by Zeng 《 Brother missed you 》《 Leek flowers bloom 》《 Sing it again and again 》《 Iraqi Red makeup 》 Zhang Shibin, a well-known musician with many popular singles, served as a producer and wrote poetry and music , from “ Binwei species BeatWin” singer Vear Weige ( Wang Wei ) Singing , It tells the tragic drama's heart abuse and pain .

《 Beauty resentment 》 Sing all the gratitude and resentment of the Republic of China The story of the infatuated girl and amorous Lang ended lonely

《 Beauty resentment 》 Zhang Shibin, the songwriter and producer of, has previously worked for TV dramas 《 Woman flower 》《 Five star hotel 》《 My youth is in Yan'an 》 and 《 Changan Fu demon 》《 The crowd is surging 》 And many other films to create lyrics and songs . As a multi file film and television drama OST producer , He has unique and profound views on the artistic conception expressed in his works . I have experienced the amorous Young Marshal Chang Yanming and the female leader Lin yudie in the film 、 After the sadistic entanglement between the girl and Chunling , So I created this sad and moving 《 Beauty resentment 》. Beauty is deeply in love , The resentment of not loving flows with the notes , Tell the old love and hatred word by word . The folk customs in the ancient town are simple , Lin yudie is the number one actress in the troupe , But his life experience has become a mystery . On a stage , Meet Chang Yanming, the amorous son of the warlord , And fall in love with it , However, the disparity of their identities is not tolerated by the world , In addition, there are already attendants around the Young Marshal, Chun Ling, who is deeply in love with him , A sad and beautiful sadistic love affair between three people began … As the song sings “ Cut the constant love and hate , Like a fleeting star ”, Where will the short-lived fate of the three abuse their hearts ?

《 Huangmiao Village · Underground palace beauty 》 Popular acclaim, such as trendy clothes, exquisite topics

The film 《 Huangmiao Village · Underground palace beauty 》 Has been in 8 month 20 Japan , Exclusive online Tencent video , After going online, with its exquisite service and fascinating plot, it goes to , The harvest was well received . It not only frequently tops the list of multiple platform films , By many well-known film and television bloggers online Amway , With its unique Chinese terror atmosphere, it is called “ You must see a good film on the Chinese New Year ”! according to the understanding of , The film is made by celis culture 、 Universal first line pictures 、 Jointly produced by Shenzhen lanqiong film and television ; Once Xuanfa produced 《 Disappearing evidence 》、《 Men go to high school at forty 》、《 Siping youth's third foolish sin path 》、《 Return of Uncle nine 1》、《 Return of Uncle nine 2》 And other high-quality films ( Beijing ) Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. carries out exclusive publicity and distribution . Director Chen Liyang directed , Jiang Shijing 、 Li Zheng 、 Zhang Xiaoxue is a screenwriter , Li Hongwei 、 Li Ming 、 Yu Yankai 、 Tian Lu plays a special role 、 Xiong Jinyi 、 Xiang Hao 、 Zhou Xiaowei 、 Li Yuman 、 Liu Xizi 、 Liu Xiaofeng 、 He Weihao 、 Jiang Haoyun 、 Su Sirong 、 Starring Zhou Jianhua . The main creative teams and excellent actors work together , Jointly create high-quality films .

Ink in the plot , Visually distracted , The film not only uses a lot of traditional folklore as creative inspiration , A lot of polishing has been done visually , From the exquisite service to the road , To the color composition step by step , All make the audience call “ Cinema level movie level ”.《 Huangmian Village · Underground palace beauty 》 Tencent video is being broadcast exclusively , Watching the terrorist suspense on the Zhongyuan Festival , You can't miss it .

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