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Bingyue price real hammer, netizen: Geely is expanding!

2021-08-28 14:44:59 Oriental Information automobile

Binrui is based on Geely's new platform , Excellent appearance with rich configuration , The starting price of Binrui is 13 All the , High configuration 15 ten thousand , It's a direct face to link 02 了 . Netizens make complaints about it “ Geely, this is going to expand ”!

The beauty of bingyue is worth affirming . There are two appearance styles , Regular and sports . The Sports Edition is in a new black LOGO, There is a fire red chrome plating on the grid , Quite conspicuous , The picture above is sports .

The overall look of bingyue is outstanding ,“ It's a zigzag ” The family network is wrapped with iconic LOGO, Both sides L Type a daytime light is very conspicuous , The front lip at the bottom is sharp , The fog lamps on both sides above the bumper are fashionable .

Bingyue's tail details are well done , The tail lights are connected by a chrome plated link , All the way to the inside of the tail lamp , Visually widens the tail width . The exhaust pipe with two sides and two outlets at the bottom has a good row surface , The bottom guard also adds a diversion slot , Greatly reduce the wind resistance .

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