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When a large number of foreign gas stations enter China, two barrels of oil tremble. Will the oil price drop?

2021-08-28 14:45:20 Oriental Information automobile

A large number of foreign gas stations have entered China , Two barrels of oil shivered , Will oil prices fall ?

Car owners know that the price of gasoline in our country has always been very stable , Because our domestic gasoline is used by PetroChina and Sinopec “ monopoly ” 了 , They has the final say in the price . Cars have become indispensable to us , Naturally, refueling has become a big guy's concern all the time . There is news that oil prices may be greatly reduced in the future , I'm afraid PetroChina and Sinopec will “ Encounter an opponent ” 了 .

Why do you say it will reduce the price ? according to the understanding of , A large number of foreign gas stations are about to enter China , National restrictions on foreign gas stations have now been lifted , Then the time for foreign gas stations to settle in is getting closer and closer to us . There are foreign gas stations , Naturally, it will cause a great blow to China's fuel market , The first is to break the of the two major oil companies “ monopoly ” The situation . I feel two barrels of oil shaking , Will oil prices face a price cut ?

This is about foreign gas stations , In fact, it has always been in our country , But China has always had restrictive policies on foreign gas stations before , So even if there are a few . The quantity is so small , Many small places will inevitably disappear , So big guys think that there are no foreign gas stations in our country . At the beginning of using such a policy, our country is in the awareness of protecting local brands , There is nothing wrong with doing so .

Said so much , We all know that once the foreign gas station is settled, it will have an impact on the existing domestic brands , But it's good news for the people , How to put it? ? Car owners probably have a deep understanding , These two major oil companies have always been in the dominant position , The price can't go any higher , Many people suffer from its high price , I'm eager to come to several other brands to restrict today's oil price . And over the years , The price of our domestic gas station rises by a few cents , And the price reduction ? It's almost impossible , Even a drop is just a few cents .

The two common in China can refuel , This price increase , Riders can't do without it , If you want to drive, you must refuel ! So most of the people's congresses have no way to raise prices , I had to accept . But with the opening-up policy now , Foreign gas stations can enter our domestic market at will , Presumably, such a price increase , No one has to be afraid . This is undoubtedly a constraint on the two giants , Other gas stations have to cut prices , The two families have to make adjustments anyway .

In this way , Through multi-party competition , It can also promote the quality of each oil . so , Whether it's price or quality , The most benefit is our car owners , This news doesn't make the big guys happy !

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