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The domestic small SUV recognized by the Chinese people has far more space than Baojun 510, with 1.3t and 163 horsepower

2021-08-28 14:45:33 Oriental Information automobile

Now SUV The model can be deeply loved by many consumers , With a broad vision 、 Spacious space 、 Good trafficability and other characteristics can be said to be more attractive . Because of the increasing market demand , Major car companies have also accelerated SUV Product line layout in the field , In addition to the relatively high heat compact SUV And medium SUV Beyond these two market segments , small SUV The market is also highly valued , In particular, independent brands are particularly active in the launch of new cars . Of course, domestic SUV It also has a very good performance in this market segment , Among the many best-selling models , We treat Baojun 510 And Chang'an CS35 These two cars should be familiar , Last year's cumulative sales ranked first 、 proxime accessit , Obviously, it has also been fully recognized by the Chinese people .

In addition to the two cars mentioned just now , From this year's 1 In terms of monthly sales figures , There is also a car recognized by Chinese people , It's a baron ZS, The sales volume of that month reached 11285 car , Successfully ranked among domestic small enterprises SUV Number one in sales , It can be seen that this car is still very attractive to consumers . Need to know , mg ZS This car has always been quite good in terms of comprehensive strength , Both have excellent quality and Technology , Moreover, the price advantage is still very prominent among cars of the same level . For example, after the change 2020 models , The guidance price is only 7.88 All the , Cost performance is still very high , Not to mention the appearance 、 Space 、 Configuration and power have achieved great competitive advantages , especially 1.3T The powerful power brought by the model meets the driving needs of young people .

On appearance building , mg ZS The whole shape shows a young and sporty atmosphere , The front face adopts a new hexagonal air intake grille design , Black mesh is added inside to look more exquisite , The sharp headlights on both sides match it , Make the front of the car fashionable and aggressive . The lower part of the front is also equipped with black grid style , Combined with sharp line design , And personalized air inlet modeling , Make the front face more young and dynamic , At the same time, it also seems very publicity . The side design of the car body is very in line with the aesthetics of young people today , The lines are strong , The waist line on the tail adds a lot of sportiness to the whole vehicle , In addition, the wheel hub design is also quite eye-catching , The red calipers perfectly match the style of the young sports car .

For the rear part , Bring people a clear visual sense , Its recognition is still high . mg ZS The length, width and height of this car are respectively 4314*1809*1648mm, Wheelbase has 2585mm, The performance in terms of body size is also very good , The space is obviously more than Baojun 510, The spacious seating space in the front and rear rows is easy, which can meet the needs of family . It is a small domestic product recognized by the Chinese people SUV, Space is far beyond Baojun 510, with 1.3T when 163 horsepower .

Compared with domestic cars at the same level , mg ZS The interior design is more eye-catching , After covering a large area with soft materials , It is also supplemented by chrome plated decorative strips and leather materials , Show its touch, especially delicate and comfortable . And the black main body is matched with the red double suture process , Plus the flexible design of circular air conditioning outlets on both sides , It also creates a fashionable and dynamic atmosphere . Leather wrapped flat bottomed multifunction steering wheel , Both the shape and feel are quite good . Large central control LCD screen matched in the car , It not only improves the sense of science and Technology , It is also very practical and beautiful . The whole car is also equipped with tire pressure monitoring as standard 、 Rear reversing radar 、 Rear image configuration .

Look at the power system , mg ZS They're carrying 1.5L Natural inspiration and 1.3T Turbocharged engine , It can be selected by consumers with different needs , among 1.5L The output power of the model is 120 horsepower , Peak torque is 150 Cattle meters , In a small SUV The power on the model is enough , The fuel consumption is as low as 6.1L, Its fuel economy is good . Transmission in , matching 5 Manual or CVT Stepless gearbox . and 1.3T The model uses a three cylinder engine , The output power bursts 163 horsepower , as well as 230 Nm peak torque , Abundant power, even ahead of many joint ventures at the same level , And in 6AT Under the support of the transmission , It can also provide enough smooth power output performance , It can also achieve fast shift response .

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