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This is the "German boutique". The wheelbase is 2810mm, the fuel consumption is only 50 cents, and the price is sincere

2021-08-28 14:45:36 Oriental Information automobile

The car industry is very competitive , All brands have come up with their own skills to build cars , All kinds of good cars emerge one after another .“ Long distance runners ” Ford MengDiOu , The reputation of the industry is well known , Never wavered over the years .“ Little Porsche ” zhongtai SR9, The same level of models should also give way by three points . The automobile industry is innovating , Like the automobile purchasing power market, subtle changes are taking place , The manufacturer must have a precise positioning for the crowd when making cars , Its products can succeed . This BMW I'm talking about 4 system , That's what it is “ German boutique ”, Wheelbase up to 2810mm, Fuel consumption 5 hair , The price is sincere !

Over the years , BMW's BMW 4 The Department is often on the attention list , Rely on its new and different shape design , BMW 4 The system meets the needs of car buyers for novel appearance , Therefore, it has been unanimously affirmed by the car owners . With the continuous improvement of the quality of life , Users also have new requirements for the new features of the car , Design style 、 Car making level 、 Brand culture , All-round development is the future way for the survival of the automotive industry . BMW, which has become the focus of the car industry 4 system , Remove the BMW 4 The shape design of the new collar of the Department , So what other highlights can it attract car owners ? At home 、 What about the performance in business ? below , Xiaobian will tell you about his understanding of this BMW 4 Systematic point of view .

In appearance , BMW 4 It's young and steady , Low key and rich in connotation , Especially from 45 Degrees , The avant-garde configuration is full of Modernity . China open is integrated with polygonal headlights on both sides to complement each other , The rear lights have the charm of a modern city . The outline of the side lines is decisive and direct , Make the appearance more impact , But by contrast, the style of the rim looks a little ordinary . Interior design , Four words can be used to describe : art beats nature . The central control design has a strong sense of hierarchy , Make people feel happy , The interior materials are perfectly combined with soft materials , Enhance the sense of grade , The ornaments around the door handle and central control add a lot of artistic sense . On the whole , BMW 4 The interior is full of fashion 、 Sense of design and hierarchy , Have certain ability to compare with similar vehicles .

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