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Joint venture SUV cabbage price, 7L fuel consumption, what Tiguan!

2021-08-28 14:49:35 Oriental Information automobile

Facing the impact of certain events , Korean cars can be said to be directly entered “ aside ”, In the face of this dilemma ,is35 Quickly launch medium-term modified models , And cut prices sharply , from 16 The price of 10000 yuan has been directly reduced to 11 Starting price of 10000 yuan .11 The starting price of 10000 is still very attractive to customers , gradual ,is35 Back to the class that sells 10000 units a month

Ix35 As a special model for China , The appearance is still very in line with the aesthetics of the Chinese market . The front face is fashionable and dynamic , Large irregular medium mesh grille has great momentum , All around are decorated with metal chrome , Very eye-catching . At the fog lights on both sides of the bumper , With a very angular design , manifest is35 Tough style . The shape of the headlight is regular , All halogen lights are a little out of the ordinary .LED Daytime lights are only in the 、 Only high configuration models have .

The rear of the car has a sense of hierarchy , The tail lamp has a unique shape , The bottom guard is also very textured .

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