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Why do you rarely see Japanese cars equipped with electronic handbrake? After listening to the expert, netizen: it's really lucky

2021-08-28 15:15:41 Oriental Information automobile

Why do you rarely see Japanese cars equipped with electronic handbrake ? After listening to the experts , Net friend : That's lucky

Many manufacturers will take the electronic handbrake as a major selling point for car owners to choose , At this time, if the owner doesn't know much about the car , Will be fooled by the manufacturer . Many car owners are fooled by car salesmen , They all think that automatic gear is more convenient than manual gear , Many steps can be saved , So they always choose automatic gear , But in fact, after driving an automatic car on the road , You'll find that , It's not very convenient and the security is still very low . Many people say that the electronic handbrake is very convenient , So when many people buy a car, they will choose a model with electronic handbrake . But few people will consider whether the electronic handbrake is really faster , Since the electronic handbrake is better , Why do you seldom see Japanese cars equipped with electronic handbrake ? On this issue , An expert said the reason , Many netizens said after listening :“ That's lucky .”

Electronic handbrake does have many advantages , But there are also many shortcomings . The first shortcoming , Its maintenance cost is very high , Compared with the previous ordinary handbrake, the cost is much higher , This is why many Japanese cars taking the cheap route don't choose the electronic handbrake . Once the electronic handbrake breaks , If the owner takes it to repair , The cost is quite high !

The second is the electronic handbrake. If suddenly there is no electricity , It's very scary . This situation has not never happened , When the car was driving, the hand brake suddenly went out of power , Then the car won't start , This situation makes it easy for the car to get out of control , Once the car gets out of control, no one can ensure the safety of the people in the car . Although the electronic system is very intelligent , But unfortunately, the current technology is not so powerful .

The third drawback , If the electronic handbrake fails , It must be unusable right now , You must find a repair shop to repair . During driving , There is a problem with the electronic handbrake , Many need to be handled by car owners themselves , This traditional handbrake may also be handled , If it weren't for professional personnel, I'm afraid no one would be able to control . So that's why Japanese cars don't choose it , Once something goes wrong , Most car owners will point the problem to car enterprises , That's not clear . In addition, a large part of the electronic handbrake is connected with the automobile system , If the car battery is not enough , The electronic handbrake will suffer as well .

The final conclusion is this , This situation is not only very troublesome , It's not safe . So although the electronic handbrake sounds very advanced , But now the technology is enough , Buying it back is just a mouse , After all, there are still many imperfections .

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