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This SUV is a pity! 700 km full tank of oil, 1885mm wide, the same price as Haval F7

2021-08-28 15:26:30 Oriental Information automobile

Throughout the world , The automotive industry is undergoing earth shaking changes , Amazing cars are constantly on the market .“ Domestic car industry leader ” Geely, the more , The reputation of the industry is well known , Never wavered over the years .“ Domestic luxury cars ” The harvard H9, Popular all over the world , Sharp debut . Today, we pay attention to obtaining spiritual enjoyment , Only by finding the right position can we succeed . Like I'm talking about now, this star path -TX, It's this SUV What a pity ! Full tank of oil 700 km , Vehicle width 1885mm, With the harvard F7 At the same price !

The way -TX It is a high-quality product created by Xingtu with huge investment , Relying on its wide space size , It can fully meet the internal needs of motorists for a family of five , therefore , The way -TX Not surprisingly successful . With more and more spare money in your pocket , The requirements of drivers can be said to be very different , powertrain 、 Driving experience 、 External decency, etc , If a car can't continue to win the favor of consumers , Eventually eliminated by the market . The well-known star path -TX, There must be other reasons for its success , Then whether it has performed well enough in other aspects ? Whether it can meet the requirements of business or household ? Next, let's comprehensively analyze this unique work of Xingtu —— The way -TX.

aesthetic , The star path -TX be called SUV It's not too much for a beauty to take on , The seemingly simple modeling design reveals the designer's good intentions . China open is integrated with polygonal headlights on both sides to complement each other , The style of air inlet grille is publicized , The cover lines are sharp , Highlight the sharp temperament of the front of the car . The car body lines are quite regular , It gives people a gentle and elegant beauty , The stunning rim shape is the last link to defeat the buyer's visual defense . The car without the car , Appearance based presentation , The interior is really unsatisfactory . Some car users reported that there was an abnormal noise near the central control , The material is not high-grade , Lack of due cost performance , The window and central control costumes are relatively simple and lack advantages , The car lacks a sense of luxury . As a whole , The way -TX The interior configuration of the car can't support the owner's face .

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