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It's on the market and it's Carola? Domestic Audi A7 to store

2021-08-28 15:26:39 Oriental Information automobile

We are all determined by the wheelbase of the car a Class car . Only when you find a suitable model , To choose the right car . and A Class a car is mainly the first choice for the younger generation , The minimum starting price of a new car is 8 ten thousand , It's a price that a young family can afford . And today , We want to introduce this a Class car BYD new generation Qin pro, It also has the shape and sense of technology preferred by young people . It goes on the market and looks at Carola ? domestic “ audi A7” Shop , with 12 Big screen , only 8W rise

If you like Chinese culture , Then you must not miss this one dragon face. Make complaints about the shape of BYD , Ushered in the joining of former Audi design director egger , Designed this new car Facebook with dragon as the element . The whole front is centered logo set out , Then the lines that make up the dragon's whiskers extend to both sides , With the grille , Form a huge dragon mouth , Very aggressive side leakage . Egger said that in order to improve the beauty of the whole car , He looked for inspiration from the eagle in the animal world .

In the interior , This car completely abandons BYD's traditional complicated interior , Instead, it uses simple and atmospheric design logic , And a very intelligent sense of Technology , It's no worse than Audi's luxury car . A large screen has multiple functions .

In terms of power, this car is equipped with 1.5 L naturally aspirated engine and 1.5t Turbocharged engine . It has not only a fuel version, but also a hybrid version , You can choose . And the mixing technology is great , The acceleration time of 100 kilometers is only 5.9 seconds , It's hard to have such a car in the same level .

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