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Roman holiday: short is eternal

2021-08-28 15:56:41 Oriental Information automobile

《 Roman holiday 》 This film is mainly about a princess who escapes from her cage , The story of having to return to the cage after flying in the free world for a short time , And in it , He is a journalist with gentlemanly temperament , I took her to feel the more real world . This is a romantic comedy movie , Funny accounts for a very large proportion , The more comedies , Finally, they often play tragedies , The happier you laugh in front , The more you can feel the sadness at the end . Their love is very tortuous , Twists and turns until the end , The hostess asked the man's name , Their different identities also led to the final result , Tears can only move .

stay 《 Roman holiday 》 In this movie , Audrey Hepburn · Hepburn excellently performed what a great princess should look like , She also has that temperament to interpret , It can be said that she doesn't need to perform . She is a princess , meanwhile , She formed an incomparable image of a girl , The contrast between the two is also great , But it brings more flesh and blood Princess images to the audience . This is just Hepburn's first leading role . Gregory Parker also vividly deduces the ordinary gentleman , The feeling is natural and true , Helpless love is full of the ending , That way , Very sad .

Last , Princess Anya repressed crying , Tell Joe : I must leave you now . Turn around that corner . You have to stay in the car , Drive away . Promise not to watch me walk through that corner . Just walk , Just like I left you . I think of the end of Lolita's book , Humbert said to Lolita : Just walk from here to the car you are familiar with 25 Step , Will exceed this 25 Step . Stay with me . Now? .” Lolita refused to leave with Humbert , Ended their deformed and crippled relationship . And in the 《 Roman holiday 》 in , The love between Princess Anya and Joe is sincere and noble , Princess Anya offered to be separated from her loved ones .

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