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Zhao Liying fans, is it really for her?

2021-08-28 15:56:43 Oriental Information automobile

After the traffic enters the era of reverse phagocytosis , The relationship between fans and artists is becoming more and more complex , In the past two years, fans “ In the name of love ” Sponsored “ Protect idols ” Public opinion action , Most of them are “ Suicide ” It ended up .

Fans trigger “227 event ” A year later , Xiao Zhan is still criticized by some netizens , Before an artist surnamed Wu had an accident , He starred in 《 Green hairpin line 》 He was named and criticized by the government for tearing up the positions of male and female main fans .

There are also many artists and fans who boycott their idols for various reasons , Or work with an artist , The reason is basically for the sake of idols , But most of the results are not satisfactory .

Tong Liya's fans have boycotted her in a wide range 《 It's only thirty 》, However, this film makes Tong Yao popular and brings a rear-view trophy , because “ Scheduling issues ” Tong Liya who quit , It looked awkward .

Now , Fu Dongyu directed the new play 《 Barbarous growth 》 Not yet officially announced , Zhao Liying's fans said on the Internet that she would launch a boycott with Wang Yibo , The reason is that “ Every harm is no good ”、“ Don't want to repeat the pain of the past ”.

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