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"The first auto parts company in Beijing" has been relocated for many years, but can't escape the digital transformation and upgrading?

2021-08-28 16:01:43 New automobile Chronicle

A few years ago , Yes “ The first auto parts company in Beijing ” The Auto Parts City in the western suburbs of Beijing announced its relocation . The auto parts city was founded in 1994 In, he began to operate the auto parts industry , It was once the largest in northern China 、 The most complete Auto Parts City , Annual sales are close to 5 One hundred million yuan .

The auto parts city passes by nearly 20 Years of development , Assembled auto parts supply 、 Car maintenance 、 A series of services such as insurance agency , But in the end, he failed to escape the fate of being relocated .

National current 1000 Many auto parts cities ,300 More than 10000 employees ,“ Digital transformation ” The change brought about may be the most difficult hurdle for them to cross .


Four times of transformation and upgrading , Eventually moved

“ That year , The property of Auto Parts City informed that it would not be done in the second half of the year , The contract can only be renewed for half a year . Our minds were blank at first , It's not easy to get a foothold here in Beijing , Now let's move somewhere ?” A once worked in the western suburb Auto Parts City 10 Many years of Volkswagen parts manufacturers say .

according to the understanding of , When the western suburb Auto Parts City was not built , This is a vegetable market . Later, due to the centralized reform and governance of the agricultural trade wholesale industry , In addition, the domestic automobile industry has entered a period of rapid development , It began to be transformed into an auto parts city .

There were... In the western suburb Auto Parts City 750 Merchants around home , It covers several major market segments in the automotive aftermarket . Before the mobilization and relocation of the management room in that year , To all 750 All the merchants have issued a copy 《 Merchant relocation intention form 》.

actually , This watch is like life and death , Or change your industry , Or you can only accept relocation and adjustment . Final , The relocation of these merchants , Trade for trade , A group of merchants moved to Wufang Tianya Auto Parts City, southwest of Wufang bridge at the intersection of Beijing Harbin Expressway and East Fifth Ring Road , Others went to xiguomao Auto Parts City and so on .

Many auto repair bosses may have heard of Wufang Tianya , In fact, this auto parts city has been transformed and upgraded very early , The most important point is elimination and screening .

One of the most noteworthy is that it divides all functional areas in the Auto Parts City , There are also strict entry requirements for brands and merchants . Take automobile decoration and beauty as an example , The commodities of merchants entering the site must meet the conditions for product traceability , At the same time, the market also implements a sampling system for commodities .

Besides , Wufang Tianya has obtained the environmental protection permit and the urban sewage discharge permit , And signed a contract with a third-party company for centralized treatment of waste and dangerous goods , Every day, there are vehicles to collect and transport the waste away , There is also a special person to supervise the merchant to deal with the oil 、 Waste such as filter element .


Transformation is multifaceted , It's not just Digital

Back in the last century 80 End of the decade 、90 s , That was the golden age of the auto parts industry , It is also an era of huge profits , At that time, the auto parts business was very simple , As long as you have something on hand , I'm not afraid of no customers .

With the natural formation of spare parts distribution center , The second batch of vendors in the downstream and the owners of terminal auto repair shops are gradually familiar with the way of purchasing accessories from the distribution center , Parts manufacturers also began to specialize in the division of labor . Focus on some familiar suppliers 、 Or focus on specific models 、 Accessory manufacturers for specific types of accessories .

With specialized division of labor, there is a need for mutual cooperation , They gather in a street or a big market to open shops , This is it. “ Auto Parts City ” The prototype of . Auto Parts City's empowerment of auto parts supply chain lies in : A large and comprehensive commodity 、 Merchants transfer goods to each other to facilitate transactions 、 Increase circulation .

meanwhile , It also effectively reduces everyone's inventory cost and information acquisition cost , This type of business has been supported until now , Despite all kinds of changes , But it is still an important purchasing and marketing channel for auto parts .

Due to the increasingly scarce passenger flow 、 Single type of business 、 The hardware facilities are not perfect 、 Not in line with urban planning 、 Backward market management and other reasons , In the last ten years , Beijing and even the famous auto parts market all over the country have failed to escape the fate of relocation . Xiaobian was also in several previous tweets , Have discussed the forced closure or relocation of some nationally famous auto parts cities .

The transformation and upgrading of Auto Parts City , Many people have a one-sided understanding of digitization , Digitization is only one aspect , We will find that many auto parts cities have poor management , Even frequent fires , Aren't these places that need transformation and upgrading most ?


Auto parts city transformation, online and offline Integration

In recent years , For the future development of Auto Parts City , In fact, most people's views are negative , Xiaobian concludes that there are two main reasons :

One side , The traditional auto parts city has been a channel in the market for many years , In addition to the inability to make more innovations in the model, there are some “ Indifference to ”, For example, the safety facilities are old 、 There are many merchants and it is difficult to manage 、 Infringement and counterfeiting cases occur from time to time , This directly led to a series of rectification 、 Relocation is even the result of direct transformation .

On the other hand , With the development of automobile aftermarket in recent years “ Repair and integration ” The general trend is coming , The strong bond originally established between terminal auto service stores and auto parts suppliers shows signs of loosening , Internet and big data are more and more used in auto parts supply .

however , Although so many auto parts cities across the country are undergoing reform and transformation , But we still see them in the market . Although at present, auto parts e-commerce has a great impact on this traditional channel , Can exist is reasonable .

In today's fast-growing internet era , The auto parts e-commerce platform can reduce intermediate links to some extent , Let the product really return to its value , But it is too early to say that auto parts e-commerce is the final form of auto parts supply chain , At present, the conditions are not ripe .

We will not discuss how many capital bubbles there are on the road of electricity supplier , But Xiaobian thinks that auto parts city will not be able to bite auto parts e-commerce in the future , Similarly, auto parts e-commerce can not completely swallow the Auto Parts City . What we can meet is , The auto parts supply chain will continue to play games with each other , Finally go online 、 The road of offline Integration .

Only a short while ago , Domestic computer accessories 、 Assembly Market , It is also highly similar to the current auto parts supply market . Think back to the years when Internet e-commerce just started more than ten years ago , Let's go to the computer city to equip computers , Select the graphics card 、 Memory module , When talking about the price with the shop owner , Show him the price of this product on the e-commerce platform , By comparison, we can find that the price of offline physical stores has no advantage .

without doubt , Auto Parts City is no longer the only purchase and sales port of auto parts supply chain , Supply chain platform built by spare parts manufacturers 、 Third party chain auto parts e-commerce platform , Even after the relocation and transformation of Auto Parts City, it does e-commerce , These examples have had a great impact on the traditional Auto Parts City .

But on the road of reform in Auto Parts City , There are also cases of playing the second spring . For example, quanhuitong Auto City , Its overall planning idea will be based on " One core, multiple plates and multiple outlets " Development strategy of , Build an industrial development cluster with northwest road as the axis connecting Dalian airport business district and the bearing area of sports new town , It is expected to rely on this new auto city , Will drive... In the region 500 Many people complete employment .

so to speak , The emergence of quanhuitong Auto Parts City , Formed a local  " Automotive Aftermarket " The gathering place of . It is reported that , Shops are currently planned in this place 170 Multiple , Storage 1 Over 10,000 square meters , office 50 Multiple , And there is a canteen on supporting services 、 Supermarkets and other service centers .

and , It is uniformly planned and managed by the market supervision department , It not only solves the common problem of dirty, messy and poor in the old Auto Parts City , It also directly reduces the maintenance cost of car owners and the procurement cost of terminal auto service stores through regional centralization . so to speak , Such Auto Parts City , At the same time, it meets the needs of the automotive aftermarket industry chain b End ( Auto parts business ) and C End ( End car consumers ) The needs of the two groups .

Relocation of Auto Parts City , It's just the beginning , It is the beginning of change for the industry , For businesses engaged in auto parts business, it may be a new beginning of life .

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