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High fuel consumption, waste tires? Running on this road, the natural fuel consumption is high!

2021-08-28 16:02:35 New automobile Chronicle

Everybody knows , The cement road is noisy and bumpy , I always feel that the car's sound insulation and shock absorption are useless on such roads .

However, with the development of urban roads “ White to black ” Reconstruction project , The driving noise on many cement roads has been significantly improved ! Because cement is very hard , The hardness of cement is not much different from that of stone ; Asphalt is an elastic and flexible material , Therefore, the rolling noise of tires can be reduced .

In addition, due to Asphalt “ soft ” Physical properties of , In terms of absorbing vibration, it is naturally better than “ Hard as a rock ” The cement floor is much better , And cement pavement in order to increase friction , And open laterally “ Anti slip groove ”, So when the tires roll , The impact of asphalt pavement is softer , The impact of cement pavement is hard impact . Asphalt pavement is obviously superior to cement pavement in terms of comfort .

Asphalt roads are “ Flexible pavement ”

But the resistance is much greater than that of cement pavement

But cement pavement is a disadvantage , There is no advantage ?

Of course not. ! The biggest advantage of cement road is that it can save oil ! Just because cement pavement can save hundreds of millions of oil for the country every year !—— Cement pavement can save oil ? Maybe it's something you've never heard of ! But this is an ironclad fact !

Let's make a simple analogy :

People walk on the flagstone road , The feel of the sole of the foot is solid and firm , It's very down-to-earth , It's easy and fast to walk . But if you walk in the sand , Feet slowly sink into the sand , You need to get your feet out of the sand at every step “ Pull it out ”, Then take the next step , The sand is always “ Hold you back ”. There will always be a kind of “ Sink in ” The feeling of .

In fact, the situation is similar for cement pavement and asphalt pavement : Cement pavement is “ Rigid pavement ” And asphalt pavement is “ flexible / Semi rigid pavement ”. In the hot summer , The softening of asphalt is very obvious , Softened asphalt will produce viscosity ( There is a slight adhesion on the sole when walking on it , I believe that careful friends go out at noon in dog days , I've experienced it countless times )

The first reason for asphalt pavement is its low hardness ( That's why it's called “ flexible / Semi rigid pavement ”)

The second is that it will produce viscosity at high temperature , So when the tire rolls on the asphalt pavement , Roll resistance is too large .

But as a “ Rigid pavement ” Cement road , At any temperature “ A slate ”, Therefore, the rolling resistance of tire on cement pavement is obviously less than that on asphalt pavement .

Cement road can be better than asphalt road

Reduce 15% Fuel consumption of

According to the research report made by domestic universities , At the same flatness level , On ordinary highways ,60km/h At driving speed , The fuel consumption of cement pavement is less than that of asphalt pavement 8%; It's on the freeway ,120km/h At driving speed , The fuel consumption of cement pavement can be saved than that of asphalt pavement 15%.

What does that mean? ? Let's calculate a set of numbers : Suppose a car runs under an asphalt pavement , constant speed 60km/h The fuel consumption is 6L/100KM, constant speed 120km/h The fuel consumption is 7L/100KM, Then, under the condition of cement pavement, it becomes 5.5L/100KM and 5.95L/100KM Level up , On average, it can save fuel 0.5L~1L.

The neutral sliding distance experiments on different roads are also in line with the survey results of domestic universities : The same tire 、 The same car 、 Under the same pressure , On asphalt pavement 20~0Km/h If the sliding distance is 110 Mi's words , So when we get to the cement pavement , Your grades will rise to 160 Meters above . It shows that the cement surface is of great significance to reduce tire rolling resistance !

Is silence and comfort more important than saving gas ? The car calls for fuel economy every day , But on the other hand, choose asphalt pavement for quiet and comfortable . But forget that asphalt itself comes from oil , And the same weight of asphalt is more expensive than cement 3 times !

However, the pursuit of higher fuel efficiency is now a recognized goal , So how to balance energy conservation and comfort ? Maybe we can only change ourselves in this period .

Like changing our driving habits

For example, use navigation software “ Avoid congestion ”

such as …… Use more energy-efficient tires

Maybe I won't drive in the end

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