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Cheap to accord fear! 5 airbags, 241 belts, 9at, down 3.7W, more handsome than 5 Series

2021-08-28 16:14:33 Oriental Information automobile

When people buy cars , Will give priority to joint venture models , In the market, models from Japanese and German are often given priority , Because their models often have very good strength in the market , So in terms of inertia , Will give them priority , In fact, there are some models, although they are not so popular , But it is very suitable for us , One of them is the Chevrolet Malibu we want to talk about today XL, Cheap enough to scare accord ! Long 4 rice 9 belt 5 airbag ,241 horse +9AT, Country six only 11.79W Than 5 Pull wind .

First of all, from its shape , The overall construction is very excellent ,4.9 The car length of meters is infinitely close to 5 rice , It gives people a very calm feeling , Coupled with the 2.8 Meter wheelbase , Let him also express from the overall sense of volume, which is very atmospheric , It has great advantages in appearance , It's better than a BMW 5 Pull wind .

After entering the interior part of the car , It can be found that it is also different from the previous design , A large number of leather covers bring a very obvious sense of luxury , At the same time, the improvement of comfort is also very obvious , configuration 5 airbag ,boss sound , Ventilation, heating, massage and other functions are matched , The overall practicality of this car has reached a very high level .

From the power of this car ,2.0t The engine and 9at The combination of transmissions did not disappoint us , His horsepower output can reach 241 horse , The maximum torque is 350 Cattle meters , The fastest acceleration of 100 kilometers is only 72 second , It can bring excellent shift smoothness , It also supports the United Nations 6 Emission standards , It feels very good .

source : China Star circle

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