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There is only one Chinese car specially customized by Lamborghini at a price of 60 million in the world

2021-08-28 16:14:59 Oriental Information automobile

For the Lamborghini brand , Domestic riders should be familiar with . At home , Many young people like classic sports car models , Among them, Lamborghini is the most popular . Countless rich young people love ramboniki very much , price , This top sports car costs millions at random , It can be said that it is very exaggerated . But compared with the following Lamborghini models , This price is actually nothing , Because the value of this car is 6000 ten thousand , Very exaggerated .

This car is a private customized model , This is the only one in the world . The owner of this car is not a foreigner , But a Chinese , His name is Fu Songyang . Although most people don't know this person , But in the field of sports car lovers , He has a great reputation . Because it is HAC The first person in a top super running club . The so-called top super run , It's some of the top models in super run . There are countless luxury cars in this club , Each can be said to be a classic model , Basically limited edition sports cars , One is more expensive than the other , Ordinary sports cars can't enter the club at all .

There are many super sports cars under Fu Songyang's name , For example, the famous Bugatti Veyron , There's more than one under his command . The value of this car is basically 4000 All the above , It's really a top supercar , Even ordinary models are required in China 2500 Thousands of yuan , The price of any high-performance version is more than 3500 Thousands of yuan , Extremely expensive .

In addition to top models like Bugatti Veyron , This man is also konisek's sole agent in mainland China , The name is really exaggerated . Can become the exclusive agent of such a super brand , Its own capacity and financial resources are incalculable . A rough calculation , His limited number of top models exceeds 20 platform , There are some very rare konisek , There are also super models of Lamborghini and Ferrari .

The very rare son of the wind in the world also has two in his hand , You know, this car is only limited in the world 5 It's just a stage . He owns two... Alone , Such strength is naturally shocking . And this privately made Lamborghini , It seems that it is not too precious compared with the above . But you should know that Lamborghini has never built a car for a single person , Fu Songyang was the first .

So this Lamborghini SC18 Alston The significance of the model is very important , Its 6000 The price of 10000 is nothing compared with his meaning . Have to say , This is the real super running enthusiast , The total value of its luxury cars adds up to , Estimates are difficult to estimate .

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