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The most fuel-efficient FAW family car has dropped again! 4-year warranty, equipped with ESP + weichi engine

2021-08-28 16:33:43 Oriental Information automobile

The achievements of the domestic car market in the past two years are obvious to all , stay SUV Today, with the rapid development of vehicle model market , Family sedan models can have such a performance is still very good , This year, more models on sale also began to improve their competitiveness through upgrading , Toyota corolla 、 Nissan Xuanyi and other models will be officially launched soon , The first two years were based on TNGA Toyota leiling built by the platform has also been officially listed , With the increasing number of models in the car market , The division of models has also become more detailed ,A0、A as well as A+ Class cars also began to appear in our vision , Today, when large space models can get more attention ,A0 The first-class family car still has stable results , The main reason is that it is resistant to opening and fuel-efficient , FAW junpai A50 It is a family sedan model listed by FAW last year , After the car went on the market, the results can only be said to be relatively general , Now they also begin to improve their performance by reducing prices , Now the car is back 0.8 Decline of ten thousand yuan , Entry-level models only 4.99 All around , It should be one of the cheapest FAW family cars .

FAW junpai A50 The appearance of still has a certain Italian style , The inverted trapezoidal air inlet grille is still square , The multi banner Chinese net is also wrapped with silver trim , The periphery of the air intake grille is also wrapped with bright silver trim strips , The lines of the car's headlights are quite sharp , Showing strong aggression ,LED Daytime running lights are also provided , The bulging lines on the hood provide a good sense of hierarchy , The lines around the recessed fog lamp area are still prominent , The three-dimensional feeling is still very good , The trapezoidal air inlet is also equipped with a thick front bumper .

The side body lines of the car are still relatively diversified , The waistline of the upper part is C There is also a discontinuous style at the column position , The waistline of the lower part is still relatively wide , The recognition of petal style hub is still very high , The lines around the wheel hub are still relatively clear , The bottom of the window is also decorated with bright silver trim to emphasize the texture , The tail lamp group of the car is full , The middle is also decorated with bright silver trim , The fog lamp at the rear is also relatively slender , Cars are more atmospheric than Volkswagen Jetta .

FAW junpai A50 The length, width and height are respectively 4586x1765x1496mm, Wheelbase reached 2610mm, The driving experience is still very good , The car's interior is still very generous , The lines of the center console are quite solid , The embedded central control screen is also equipped with , There are also some physical buttons around , The three panel multi-function steering wheel is still full , Many details in the car are decorated with silver trim strips ,ESP、6 airbag 、 Tire pressure monitoring 、 Uphill aids are equipped .

The power provided by the car is 1.5L The same engine of Toyota weichi , It's a match on the drive 5MT transmission , The maximum output power is 113 horsepower , Maximum torque is reached 141 cattle / rice , 100km fuel consumption only 5.8L, It should be one of the most fuel-efficient FAW cars , The engine 30 No major repairs for 10,000 kilometers , It is worth mentioning that the car can also be guaranteed 4 year , One netizen said : It's better to buy Volkswagen Jetta .

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