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Take care of both home and business. I'll take you to see the public awe

2021-08-28 16:33:46 Oriental Information automobile

With the increase of family population , In recent years, more and more people have focused on MPV models , meanwhile , Always show people with the image of commercial vehicle MPV Models are also gradually changing to the positioning of taking into account business and home , With abundant space and comfortable riding experience, it has won the favor of many consumers . Today, I'd like to take you to see such a large and medium-sized business MPV, It's a popular prestige . So is this car worth starting with ? After watching today's live shooting sharing, maybe you will have the answer .

Wei Ran 2020 paragraph 330TSI The front face of the Business Edition presents a solid design style , The whole looks full of power . The car uses a profound style of headlights , Visually, it gives people a very divine feeling .

The size of the car is 5346/1976/1781mm, The wheelbase is 3180mm. The specifications of the front and rear tires of the car are 235/60 R18, The car adopts a dense spoke rim design , The side design of the car looks quite smooth , Outline the dynamic visual effect with simple and powerful lines , In line with the current consumer's aesthetic .

Look back , Wei Ran modeling has taken a stable and atmospheric route , The lower exhaust pipe uses a hidden design , With exquisite blackened tail lamp , The full rear of the car echoes with the front face .

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