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This is the strong enemy of ankovi, such as Buick, with a length of 4684mm and the same price as ankovi

2021-08-28 16:33:49 Oriental Information automobile

Because the car has become an important means of transportation , Strong demand leads to strong competition in the automobile market , Car brands with 18 different martial arts are shining in the market .“ The most beautiful car run ” The public CC, Strength and cost performance coexist .“ American cross-country King ”Jeep Free light , Become a benchmark among peers . Renewal is the main characteristic of automobile production , Accurately positioning yourself is the key to the breakthrough of all armies . Now I will share with you this volando , This is the enemy of ankoway , Control like Buick , conductor 4684mm, At the same price as oncoway !

Over the years , Chevrolet's volando is often on the attention list , Use more than enough space to express , Give full consideration to consumers' demand for head space and leg space in the first place , So I got a lot of loyal fans . With the progress of the times , The demands of car buyers are getting higher and higher , Driving experience 、 Spatial experience 、 Safety factor, etc , If only one bright spot , Car brands can't succeed at all . Wallando, who excelled in the automobile Jianghu , In addition to the bright spots of space , Does it have the advantage of attracting consumers ? Is there only space for its success ? Next, Xiaobian will come for you 360 Analyze all aspects of this Chevrolet's first-class product —— Volrando .

The appearance of volando is worth mentioning compared with models of the same level , Every design detail shows its product characteristics . The air inlet grille has a special configuration , With the lights on both sides , The tail lamp design is very scientific and technological , The layout is reasonable and the level is obvious . Simple and clear side lines , Make the whole vehicle more three-dimensional , The amazing tire configuration is the last link to defeat the owner's visual defense . Interior is not wallando's strong point , It belongs to one of the lower scores in many indicators . The vehicle central control screen lacks a sense of modern technology , Less efficacy , The seam wrapped around the door lining and seat bag is not tight enough , Occasionally you can see thread ends , It feels a little low-level , Although the dressing material is added , Slightly improved , But the overall feeling is still falling , On the whole , The interior configuration of volando does not match its own price .

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