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Anke's second child household SUV is popular again. It takes 9at at at the beginning. Toyota admires the workmanship and materials

2021-08-28 16:37:12 Oriental Information automobile

Angke's second child family SUV Fire again , Take it when you get started 9AT, Toyota admires the workmanship and materials

as everyone knows , As more and more families enter the era of two children , Obviously, traditional family cars and SUV Unable to meet the travel needs of a family , So that the big seven SUV Become the new favorite of consumers . Like hannanda 、 edge 、 Tu ang 、 Commander, wait, big seven SUV It is deeply loved by Chinese people in the market . Hanlanda has been the benchmark model in this segment since it was listed , Even in the face of the encirclement and suppression of competitors, it can not shake its market position . Anke banner is the first big seven seat Buick SUV, The whole vehicle adopts the latest family design language ,, The flat shield air inlet grille on the front face is wrapped with diamond mesh structure and flying wing chrome trim strip logo, Instantly improve the brand recognition of the whole front face . The upper squint daytime running lamp and the lower headlamp group form a very mainstream split headlamp ; The new style of the lower lip front surround guard also adds a lot of color to the car .

The body side adopts streamlined design , The dynamic and smooth upper waist line runs from the front headlamp through the whole body to the tail lamp to match the concave rib line under the door panel , It looks very decorated , Elongate the lateral visual effect of the body . A stout one D The outline of column and convex and large-size aluminum alloy hub , It shows the unique domineering and self-confidence of the United States all the time . Like a luggage rack 、 Shark fin antenna 、 There are a lot of high mounted brake lights . The tail is designed with edges and corners , The stout metal wire drawing connects the left and right tail lamps with the front face , Very brand recognition , Huge deflector battle effectiveness market . The length, width and height are respectively 4981x1953x1732mm, The wheelbase is 2863mm love 2+2+3 perhaps 2+3+2 Of 7 The seat layout .

The overall layout of the interior gives people a new feeling , The entire center console uses a large number of curved lines and corners to outline the three-dimensional visual effect and sense of hierarchy . The touchable area is wrapped with a lot of soft leather and filled with piano paint baking board , Even add silver chrome plating elements and solid wood grain plates in multiple areas , It really adds a lot of points to the sense of class in the car . Flat bottom multifunctional steering wheel, full LCD red pointer instrument panel and key shift mechanism , Arouse the driving desire of car owners again . Exquisite two-sided handicraft suture and seamless splicing technology , Can further feel the craftsman's spirit . The new car is equipped with one touch start 、 Parallel fault 、 Blindspot Monitoring 、 Take the initiative to brake 、 Reversing radar 、 Panoramic sunroof 、 Mobile phone wireless charging and other trend configurations .

On the power , Angke banner is equipped with a vehicle that meets the national six emission standards 2.0T Turbocharged engine , Maximum power is 174kw, Peak torque is 350Nm, The transmission matching is 9 Speed manual automatic transmission combination , The powertrain is excellent in both shift smoothness and fuel economy . It will also have variable cylinder technology , The free switching between two cylinders and four cylinders greatly reduces the fuel economy of the whole vehicle . In the suspension adjustment, the front McPherson independent suspension + Multi link independent suspension combination , Assist to adjust the steering wheel for four directions , Fully guarantee the high-speed stability and driving sense of the whole vehicle .

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