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1km is only a few cents! Check the pull car suitable for picking up the baby

2021-08-28 17:08:24 Aika new car Express

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The hot summer passed away , The arrival of autumn also means the beginning of the new semester . Although the epidemic has rebounded again recently , The opening time of the new semester may be postponed . however , For all students , It's always a pleasure to go back to school again , And for parents who have to pick up their children to and from school , The car mountain and car sea at the school gate must make them feel “ worry ”. In this environment , Vacation for self driving SUV It's hard for us to play our specialty . A small size , The car that can carry you and your child is the sharp weapon to move in the traffic . today , Let's take stock of 3 A new energy scooter , Their landing price is not expensive , Small enough , It's easy to park anywhere , If you have a private charging pile in your home , These models cost only a few cents per kilometer , Definitely pick up the baby 、 The best choice to buy vegetables .

● Euler black cat

● Manufacturer's guide price :6.98-8.48 Ten thousand yuan

Since the launch of Euler brand , It has a very clear positioning —— The car brand that loves women most in the world . therefore , Euler black cat no matter from the name , Or the style is very personalized . As the main sales force of Euler , The monthly sales volume of black cat in the first half of the year can be maintained at 4500 More than , Cumulative sales 3 More than ten thousand , Although with “ A generation of chariots ” Agatsuma MINI There's a long way to go , But Euler 6.98-8.48 The price of 10000 yuan is higher than Hongguang MINI Your price is at least close to 2 times , It can be seen that black cat is also a very popular model . Not long ago, the Tanabata Festival , Euler launched 2022 A black cat , Competitiveness has increased again .

although , Whether in terms of parameters or actual feelings , The black cat is not a model with main power . But thanks to the lightweight design , The black cat has a light start performance and driving feeling , With a small body , It can also be flexible in narrow sections . Combined with the 2022 Black cat with or without price increase , It also makes its cost performance soar , Friends who had been waiting and watching , Now you can do it .

Pick up baby's pull car : Euler black cat ----1

● Punk Meimei

● Manufacturer's guide price :2.98-4.68 Ten thousand yuan

notice “ Punk Meimei ” The name , If you don't check the information , We also thought what the car was “ Amateurs ” To make fun of . Go back to the source and find , Punk automobile is a sub brand of Great Wall , And Le Wei 、 Lead the way , It belongs to Yujie automobile . And after Meimei went public , Punk Duoduo will also 8 Listed within months , And 9 Punk Lala, which went public in January, is composed of “ It's much more beautiful ” family .

● Chery new energy ant

● Manufacturer's guide price :5.99-8.39 Ten thousand yuan

Start selling from Chery eQ New energy series products began to , It occupies a place in the micro new energy vehicle market . and eQ After turning into a little ant , This one used to 16 The pure electric mini car sold from 10000 yuan suddenly became 5.99 From ten thousand yuan , The cost performance is much higher . And since then , The sales of small ants have been rising , This year, it has made a breakthrough 20 The sales volume of 10000 vehicles is very high .

● Edit comment on :

In today's pure electric vehicle market , Not only is SUV And cars can be popular , Like these micro pure electric vehicles introduced in this paper, they also occupy more and more shares in the market . After all , Now it is no longer new for a family to have several cars , These micro pure electric vehicles have a cute appearance , Compact and flexible , Don't worry about parking , Daily use is also more economical , Very suitable for transportation . relatively speaking , Personally, I prefer Euler black cat more , I wonder which one you prefer ?

Check the pull car : Punk Meimei 、 Chery ant

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