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Excellent domestic car, nearly 4 meters long, 9 out of style, 169 horsepower

2021-08-28 17:29:52 Oriental Information automobile

In the eyes of many people , The space of the car also determines the positioning of a car , The bigger the model, the more atmospheric it looks , Many luxury or super luxury models are very beautiful , Of course, except for some tool cars or vans , Therefore, the price of cars with large space will be relatively expensive , For example, Teana accord in today's family car market , Even the minimum version is 15 All the above , I believe that after completing the formalities , Landing is also necessary 20 All around , However, things are not absolute , For example, the trumpchi we talked about today GA6, This car combines space , The characteristics of low price .

In terms of appearance, GAC motor " Light and shadow sculpture 3.0" Design concept of , The idea is based on the previous " Ling Yunyi " From your design style , At first glance, the part of China open looks like an open mouth , With more exquisite horizontal bar style, chrome plating and matrix LED headlight

A new generation of legends GA6 In the interior part, earth shaking changes have taken place , Compared with the old model, the new model is more fashionable and avant-garde , The interior matching provides deep 、 Light two colors , They also have a nice name ," The joy of silk and bamboo " and " The craftsman carved gold ", It completely breaks the middle-aged greasy impression of the old model

The new car is equipped with legend GS5 same 1.5T The engine , The most powerful 169 horsepower , Maximum torque 265 Cattle meters . There is a certain improvement in dynamic parameters .

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