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This SUV is not inferior to BMW X6, but also buy Highlander?

2021-08-28 17:30:00 Oriental Information automobile

With the development of domestic automobile industry more and more vigorous , Cars have gradually become affordable consumer goods for ordinary people . Among the many types of cars ,SUV Gradually replace cars , So as to become the mainstream of market consumption , Get the favor of the majority of consumers . Therefore, almost all automobile manufacturers are trying to develop products with ultra-high performance price ratio and good appearance value SUV, Because these two aspects are valued by consumers . But how many can actually do it completely ? But one of the domestic auto brands can do it , That's the Great Wall, Harvard .

Everyone should be familiar with the car brand Haval , From Harvard SUV It is also favored by consumers , Its Haval H6 It is always at the top of the sales list . And now with the continuous changes of the market , Seven seater SUV It began to become popular , And for brand Harvard , Maybe it's a threat . At present, the market in this field is very large , All manufacturers have also turned their attention to this aspect . Just then , Maybe Harvard's concept car will be mass produced in advance , That is, Harvard H10.

The harvard H10 It's the final version of Harvard's series , The appearance is not inferior to X6, Not to mention Tiguan , Even hannanda , Can't stand its rolling . The harvard H10 In appearance , It's amazing . Its front face adopts the design of layered air inlet grille , Large areas of bee net like air intake grille are also blackened , With something similar to Audi LED Matrix headlights , The harvard H10 There is no doubt that , It's really high . Drive it down the street , It can be said that no one doesn't know .

interiors , It will not be inferior to hannanda and Tiguan . The harvard H10 It has only a few function buttons , And they are all integrated on the central control screen , Showing a full sense of Technology . And in terms of configuration , Now there are all the common mainstream configurations in the market .

On the power , The harvard H10 The maximum power can also reach 220 horsepower , It is equipped with two mainstream engines , They are and 2.0T and 1.5T, The matching gearbox is 6 Speed hand self-contained , Such a high configuration model also gives consumers more choices .

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