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It is the "family car", 204 horsepower + 280 torque, only quiet when closed, and the price is like the lacrosse

2021-08-28 17:30:13 Oriental Information automobile

The car industry is very competitive , All brands have shown their housekeeping skills , Countless with distinctive characteristics “ Luxury car ” Come into view .“ King of quality ” Volkswagen Santana , It has become a well-known word-of-mouth model . Europe's number one Peugeot 508, It seems to be the standard car for successful people . With the increasing demand for cars , The manufacturer must have a precise positioning for the crowd when making cars , Its products can succeed . I'm talking about this Citroen C6, It's what it is “ Household car ”,204 horsepower +280 torque , When the door closes, there is only silence , The price is like the lacrosse !

Citroen C6 It is Citroen's number one product in medium-sized vehicles , With the appearance design that inspires the future , Make the car buyer's “ Rehearsal ” The requirements of , therefore , Citroen C6 Its position in the market has not been shaken . With the continuous improvement of the quality of life , People have all kinds of requirements for cars , The electric chair 、 External appearance 、 The ride is quiet and comfortable , Just rely on a single feature , In the end, the advantage will become a weakness . Citroen with great strength C6, There must be more than the appearance , So what other advantages does it have ?18.99 Whether the pricing from 10000 yuan has enough cost performance ? Let's explore the popular models of this medium-sized car —— Citroen C6.

The mainstream intelligence is Citroen C6 The first visual experience , Novel and avant-garde is the main melody of its appearance , It's unforgettable . The front design is more personalized , No sense of identity with the current , The tail seems to lack the boldness of the front face , But it embodies a kind of introverted beauty . The side shape moving with the wind shows a visual effect of diving , And the tires that look solid , Let Citroen C6 Your temperament has been sublimated again . The most striking thing is Citroen C6 Interior design of . The central control with a strong sense of technology will not disappoint people , The internal material is quite kind , Feel worthy of their own price , Thanks to the delicate stitching and feel , The overall texture of the interior has been greatly improved . So , Citroen C6 The interior is one of the things I am most satisfied with this car .

In terms of power and driving experience , Citroen C6 It is a turbocharged engine with a displacement of 1.8, The most powerful 150KW, Maximum horsepower 204Ps. stay 6 Under the action of the automatic gearbox , Its stability and fluency are worthy of recognition , Through the training of Citroen , Make the transmission and engine a perfect match . The throttle response is quite timely , Be able to communicate with your right foot , It meets the driver's requirements for “ Fun to drive ” The requirements of . Maximum torque 280 Cattle meters , from 0 mention 100km/h need 7 second , If compared with accord's acceleration performance , Citroen C6 Be the same in essentials while differing in minor points . All in all , With the support of its dynamic data , Citroen C6 The dynamic performance of is really extraordinary .

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