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Real shooting of the new Audi A5! The appearance value is higher than that of BMW, with acceleration of 5.8S and electromagnetic suspension

2021-08-28 17:49:11 Oriental Information automobile

Audi has always been the most recognized luxury brand , But still , In the face of such a fierce auto market , Audi dare not relax . As long as you don't pay attention , This position may not be maintained , It's not easy to have today's stable market position , Now it not only has to face the competition from Mercedes Benz and BMW , There are also many strong second tier brands , So the launch of the new car was very timely , And the quality is even better , Let's take a look at the new Audi A5 What about? .

Audi... In appearance A5 It still adopts the latest design of the family , The front of the car is full , There are four muscular lines on the hood , Show a strong sense of strength . The hexagonal grille is very wide , Exquisite chrome plated strips run through it , With two sharp LED headlight , The overall aura is very strong, and the hardline feeling is also very strong .

The side looks very dynamic , The car running style is very strong , The most attractive thing is the frameless door . The rear of the car is also very beautiful , The slightly upward spoiler has a strong sense of motion , The big hatchback is also very fashionable , The overall beauty value is very high , The luxurious smell is also very strong, which is in line with the positioning of the car .

audi A5 My car is also full of family style , The layout of the central control is very grand , The sense of hierarchy is also very strong , A large number of silver trim panels form an encircling , It makes people feel embraced , At the same time, it also reveals a strong sense of luxury . Above the center console is 8 Inch LCD screen , Although not very generous, but a strong sense of Technology , It has a human-computer interaction system , It still has good practicability . The flat steering wheel is also very sporty , When driving, the hand grip is very good, which makes people feel full of power . The workmanship in the car is very fine , The materials also reflect luxury quality .2831mm The wheelbase makes the space better .

audi A5 In terms of power 2.0TFSI The engine , It is divided into two versions of high and low power , The match is 7 Fast double clutch gearbox , High power as long as 5.8 You can break a hundred seconds , In addition, electromagnetic suspension can be optional , Very powerful , Quite enough , Can also pursue small stimulation . All in all , This car has an excellent appearance , The sense of technology in the interior is also a priority at the same level

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