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Why is Mazda cx-8 the best choice?

2021-08-28 17:50:02 Oriental Information automobile

Don't talk much , This Mazda brought to you today CX-8, It's definitely your best choice , Why do you say that ? Then look at its performance !

Rich configuration, strong sense of movement

Mazda CX-8 The rear-view mirror is equipped with heating , Electric folding , Lock the car and fold it automatically , Electric adjustment , Interior performance , Business wind is strong , Equipped with a three barrel instrument panel , Showing a good sense of movement , Mazda CX-8 Equipped with rain sensing wiper , Engine start and stop technique , Twelve comfortable and convenient configurations such as automatic parking , Very human .

Space performance is more generous

Space performance , Mazda CX-8 2.5L The second row space of the two-wheel drive luxury model performs well , The third row seat space is also OK , It can meet the needs of medium and short distance travel , Mazda CX-8 Also equipped with air outlet , Independent air conditioning , Rear row airbag , More kind !

Strong power and excellent performance

motivation , Equipped with a 2.5L L4 The engine , Maximum engine power 192 horsepower , Peak torque is 252 cattle · rice , matching 6 Self - contained gearbox , In the same class , Also had an excellent performance .

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