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Alibaba cloud parking: make it easy for car owners to park and manage the parking lot

2021-08-28 18:04:14 Alibaba cloud developers

brief introduction : Parking in a parking space , Nobody is on duty , The cloud knows a bit !

True port , For car owners

Working, eating and shopping are super tough

Time consuming + No parking space

Let Xiaobian immerse himself in a subdued atmosphere every day

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solve “ It's hard to park ” In fact, it's not hard to

It only needs a set of Alibaba cloud parking system that has been widely used in China

Parking by location is an intelligent parking system jointly built by Alibaba cloud and smart core , Through Alibaba cloud AIoT Parking service engine , Smart core prime mover can easily use various algorithm analysis capabilities 、 Map engine capabilities 、 The ability to pay and the ability to innovate in various scenarios related to parking .


The system is based on Front end intelligent equipment , Parking customers can create new light equipment 、 Cloud heavy and lightweight unattended parking service solution . The little brother of the product said , Such a design can greatly reduce the operating personnel costs of the parking lot , The best way to reduce operating costs 20%, And give the parking lot the ability to increase profit .


The use of parking service can be done by traditional “ One person, one game “ even to the extent that “ More than one ” Optimize the management of good , Upgrade to ” More than one person ” The new parking management mode of . The parking lot is unattended , The cloud platform can realize the supervision and control of parking lot in a one-stop way , All parking access records are managed centrally , Make parking management clear at a glance . So as to better serve the parking owners .

Unattended intelligent parking is not only a change in parking mode , It is also the beginning of the Internet of parking lot , From then on, there are infinite possibilities to link parking with shopping, tourism, work and other scenes .


We are recruiting partners in parking cities across the country , Welcome to join !

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