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Starting with a used range rover, the relatives laughed when they saw the central control

2021-08-28 18:04:33 Oriental Information automobile

Now China's economy has developed very well , Now, door-to-door has gradually entered a well-off society . Although well-off families are not so rich , But the standard of living has also begun to improve greatly . In fact, the average well-off family will have at least one car of their own , Because the current family situation can still support a family car . However, the average well-off family will not buy too expensive and luxurious cars , Because the car is too expensive and luxurious, they can't afford it , So the cars bought by ordinary well-off families are ordinary mid-range cars , Be able to travel , Sometimes it's ok . But it's almost Chinese new year now , Some people just want to buy a luxury car home for the new year , Earn face for yourself , But this time , Not much money , What should I do ? At this time, some people began to think about buying second-hand cars . Just a while ago , A young man , He bought a used range rover , This car is a second-hand , He spent, that is 20 All around . Let's take a look at the range rover first . When you see the central control , The relatives laughed .

First , Now we can say that in our market SUV It's very popular , And the range rover is one of the very good luxury versions SUV 了 . This car is very beautiful , And domineering , Driving out is also very eye-catching , People like this car very much , Especially young people think this kind of car drives out , Have face and attract attention for yourself . Have to admit , The appearance and interior design of this car are very beautiful , Driving out is sure to attract people's attention , After all, such a nice car , Who doesn't want to look more ? But the only drawback is its central control screen .

Let's take a look at this young man now , This young man, his last name is Gao , We'll call him Xiao Gao now . Although Xiao Gao didn't do very well in school , But he still has a certain business mind , He began to work on his own , And now I've made some money . Especially in recent years, his business seems to have been very good , There are no twists and turns , I made a lot of money with the wind and water . Although Xiao Gao's grades are not good , But I have been working hard with my parents to learn the experience of doing business , Threw some money , Then she bought herself a used range rover .

When he bought the car back , Fortunately, many relatives laughed at his central control screen and said that the central control screen looked really bad , Rustic and old-fashioned , As if he should belong to the van , Not this range rover . But Xiao Gao doesn't think so , He thinks this car has nothing but the central control screen , The rest of the comfort and stability are very good , He felt that the car was very comfortable and comfortable to drive . And the price of buying a used car is not very expensive , So he thinks the cost performance of such a car is still very high , He is very satisfied with the car .

As for what cars we want to buy in life , Xiaobian thinks it's still up to him to say , Some people like comfortable , Some people like high-end , Some people like good-looking . After all, I bought the car and drove it myself , It's not for others to see , So let's finally buy our favorite car , Don't let other people's opinions affect your preferences ?

source : Qingluan period

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