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Appearance and strength coexist. With 8at rear drive, it is suitable for young people

2021-08-28 18:05:36 Oriental Information automobile

For men , What's your favorite model ? Of course, everyone's preferences must be different , But in the field of cars , Sports cars are basically 99 The temptation that men can't resist . Speaking of sports cars , Except Lamborghini 、 Beyond Ferrari's ultra luxury brands , In fact, there are relatively people-friendly entry-level sports cars in the market , Like Porsche 718 wait . Today's introduction is an entry-level sports car known as the most beautiful model at the same level —— jaguar F-type.

The new F-TYPE The changes are mainly concentrated in the front face , The headlights are changed from the vertical arrangement of cash to the horizontal arrangement , Flatten the front of the car , More aggressive . The lamp has L shape LED Daytime running light , Bright eyes . The size of the air inlet on both sides of the front surround is greatly increased , With a black border , For better air inlet effect and more fighting appearance .

New Jaguar F-TYPE The side and rear of the retain the overall shape of the current model , Only the taillights have been adjusted , The overall design is more angular . Besides , The new car will still launch hardtop and soft top convertible models , To enrich consumers' choices .

Changes in the power system , Powerful 5.0 l V8 Supercharged engines may continue in service , And brand new 3.0 Up in line 6 The cylinder engine will replace the old 3.0 l V6 The engine , Electric turbine and double vortex tube technology may appear . in addition ,F-Type Or will use 48V Micro mixing technology

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