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Analysis report on insurance number and trend of SUV market by Research Institute in July 2021

2021-08-28 18:43:38 Oriental Information automobile

In brilliance, BMW's stock ratio is determined as 75:25 after , BMW's increased investment in the Chinese market is obvious to all , This also truly reflects BMW's market performance in China today , And the potential changes in the competition pattern of luxury brands in the future . At Mercedes Benz GLC And audi Q5 When production capacity is tight due to insufficient chip supply , BMW X3 Do not hesitate to ensure the stability of its product supply by reducing the allocation and insurance amount ,7 After June, the annual sales volume has exceeded the first two , And reached the top three in sales in first tier cities , It does form a diversion of consumption to competitors . If BMW can carry 8-9 Another round of core shortage tide , At the same time, BMW X3 Smooth alternation between new and old models , BMW X3 It is likely to become a luxury medium-sized car all year round SUV The market and even the whole medium-sized market SUV Sales champion in the market , And help BMW in BBA In the competition . The second performance , It's BMW in the first half of next year X5 The wheel base will be extended . BMW's current X5 The average monthly sales volume is 4,000 More than , With Mercedes GLE、 lexus RX In the same luxury, medium and large SUV First tier , But Lexus RX The selling price of the main model is low , It has little to do with competing with the other two . And domestic X5 The planned annual production capacity is 12.1 Thousands of cars , Monthly sales are now expected to double . This is for the entire luxury flagship SUV The potential impact of the pattern is huge . On the one hand, it has an impact on the sales pattern , Domestic rear long wheelbase 、 Low prices are bound to expand the coverage of consumers ; On the other hand, it is the domestic flagship of all luxury brands SUV The impact of decision-making , audi Q7、 Mercedes GLE Even Volvo XC90, Whether it will follow the domestic , Whether this will be linked to the joint venture share ratio of their respective brands in China ? The third performance , It is the adjustment of BMW's new generation products , It is also more in line with the taste of most Chinese consumers . Although many car critics believe that this generation includes X5 BMW's new car , The chassis is no longer as solid and sporty as it used to be , But ordinary consumers , Especially Chinese consumers , But I agree with this comfortable driving feeling . After BMW figured it out , We will no longer give too much consideration to the so-called adherence or the needs of a small number of people . This universality , It is precisely one of the reasons for the rapid growth of sales of BMW's new generation models .

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