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The interior decoration will release the new GAC motor gs8 at 2021 Chengdu auto show

2021-08-28 18:44:31 Oriental Information automobile

【 Old driver news - LV Tengfei 】 In recent days, , It is said that the new GAC motor GS8 The interior of will be this year 8 month 29 The opening day of 2021 Officially released at Chengdu auto show , Friends who hold money to buy may as well wait patiently . Little brother has reported a brand new picture for you before GS8 Spy photos of the interior , Although there is only one , But you can see that its center console has been redesigned , A stronger sense of technology . Take this figure as a reference , new GS8 A new style of three spoke steering wheel will be used , Multi function keys are more compact and exquisite , Chrome trim around . Behind the steering wheel is a full LCD instrument , On one side is the large central control screen . The overall center console design and appearance design language are similar , All kinds of straight lines highlight its mecha style , The center console has a new electronic stop lever , Move the start button to the side of the stop lever . As a review , Brand new trumpchi GS8 be based on GPMA GAC global platform is built with modular architecture , The appearance size is larger than the current model , Dense front face V Type filling medium mesh grid has a very strong sense , Yes 6 Seat and 7 Two seat layouts , Yes 2.0T The engine +8AT Gearbox or fourth generation from Toyota THS The powertrain of the hybrid system is optional .

The picture shows the previously exposed brand-new GAC motor GS8 Interior spy photos

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