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Electric + hybrid new BMW 2 series station wagon is worth looking forward to the 9 moon phase Munich auto show

2021-08-28 18:44:36 Oriental Information automobile

In recent days, , The new BMW 2 The spy photos of the station wagon in the overseas test site were exposed again , According to the relevant reports , The appearance and interior of the new car are redesigned , The power configuration is also richer , electric 、 The hybrid is arranged , It is reported that , The new car may be on 9 It was released at the Munich Auto Show opened at the beginning of this month .

According to the spy photos, you can see , The new car adopts a new BMW 5 The same latest family design , The front face is equipped with the latest larger front grille of BMW family , The interior adopts a vertical shape , And blackened , Match with the longer and narrower headlamp group , The overall shape is more sporty . Besides , The new car also synchronizes the latest design achievements of BMW on the internal light source of the lamp group .

The body side , The new car has soft lines , Outline the youth that a station wagon should have 、 Athletic temperament .

In the tail , The new car is equipped with a more flat tail lamp set , The interior details of the lamp cavity show a sense of science and Technology , Besides , Wide rear surround with dynamic wheel hub , It further highlights the characteristics of young sports .

interiors , The new car may adopt a new center console design . It also adopts the new dual screen design of BMW brand , Further enhance the sense of luxury and technology of the interior , Besides , There's also news that , The wheelbase of the new car will also be improved , It is conducive to the further expansion of the interior space .

motivation , The new car will provide more diverse powertrain , Including fuel version 、 Light mix version 、 Plug in mixed version 、 Pure electric version and M Edition, etc. .

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