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Can xuandu who drinks "Wuliangye" become a "potential stock" of 100000 class sedans?

2021-08-28 19:56:25 Oriental Information automobile

Easy car original Now if you budget 10 Wannei wants to buy a home SUV, There are plenty of options with your eyes closed . But if you want to buy a car at the same price , This “ Car pool ” Not really . So whenever a brand new car is launched , Will make my car party focus on . stay 8 month 29 Chengdu Auto Show opened on the th , Kay wing will bring a new compact car —— Kaiyi xuandu .

First listen to xuandu , You may also find the name familiar with a little strange , There is a trace of details in the plain . Um. , Is it a combination of Xuanyi and fit ? I guess the authorities must want xuandu to be like these two cars , Become “ National car ”. But let's talk about it , Recently, the name of domestic cars has become more and more exaggerated , After listening for a long time, I really have some ears “ Aesthetic fatigue ”. Kaiyi from xuanjie to xuandu , They all insist on using traditional Chinese names , I totally agree .

Judging from the latest news , Kaiyixuandu will be exhibited for the first time in Chengdu auto show , And I expect the official will give the pre price at that time . If you ask me at this time , How much will the car cost ? I'm not the one who sets the price , But I can give you a general market for cars of the same class :7-10 Ten thousand yuan .

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