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Pure imported MPV is superior to Odyssey. It's better to choose GL8!

2021-08-28 20:22:51 Oriental Information automobile

These days ,MPV The model ushered in the second spring . Facing more and more families who want a second child ,5 Seat models are slowly running out , More space 、 More comfortable MPV Models enter thousands of households . For example, Buick GL8 And Honda Odyssey MPV The representative models have had brilliant sales performance recently . Actually, there's another one MPV models , Don't lose the Odyssey , Quality is not lost GL8, Or imported models , It's Renault Espace.

Maybe you don't know much about Renault , Renault comes from France , At present, it is a minority model brand in China , In addition, the embarrassing situation of legal cars in China , Renault Espace The sales volume is also quite moving . Now let's take a look at this pure import of minority legal system MPV It's a good performance .

Just from the appearance , Renault Espace Not at all MPV, More like a sedan 、SUV、MPV The combination of .

The front face has a unique shape , Through the banner, the metal chrome plating is integrated with the open-ended headlamp , Put Renault in the middle LOGO, The sense of luxury soared in an instant . The air intakes on the lower sides are exaggerated , It is wrapped with bright metal chrome , Give people a strong visual impact .

The shape of the tail lamp is highly recognizable , When lit, it has a sense of science and Technology . The side lines are very harmonious , The window is decorated with chrome trim all around , Irregular shaped windows look very textured . The roof line is low , Match it with the muscular waistline on the side , Suddenly some concepts MPV The feeling of the model .

Renault Espace Long for 4878 mm 、 Wide for 1888 mm 、 High for 1675 mm 、 The wheelbase is 2884 mm . Compared with Odyssey , It's a big circle , But more than GL8 Still no advantage . At present, three models are on sale , There is a 5 A model , The other two are 7 A model , This is still better than GL8 Etc MPV It has certain competitiveness .

Inside the ride space , Renault Espace Adopted 2+3+2 The way of riding , After full load , It's still a little crowded to be two adults in the third row , But the second row carries on MPV The spirit of , Absolutely the most comfortable seat .

Contrast with the layered appearance , Renault Espace The interior upholstery is relatively simple , The raised design of the center console is quite unique , It is covered with soft material , It feels good .“7” The shape of the font handle is unique , The display screen is also placed in a special position , The entire center console reflects the imagination of the French . The top model is also loaded with BOSE sound , Coupled with excellent noise reduction technology , Comfort is perfectly reflected .

Renault Espace Loaded with 1.8T The engine , The maximum horsepower can reach 224 horse , The maximum torque is 300N.m, collocation 7DCT transmission . This power combination can make such a “ Big guy ” Drive into... In 100 km acceleration time 8s within , Can only be described as terror . Average 8L/100km The fuel consumption is also higher than GL8 Save a lot .

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