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This car is pretty good. I'll show you SAIC maxusg20

2021-08-28 20:22:57 Oriental Information automobile

With the rapid development of automobile industry , The consumption upgrading in the automotive field is also evolving rapidly , Consumers' demand for personalized customization of automotive products is becoming stronger and stronger . In order to meet the needs of users in this regard , SAIC Maxus started large-scale implementation C2B Intelligent customization mode , And released 2021 paragraph G20、RG20 And other models make consumers feel smart life in advance . What I brought to you today is G20 The experience of real shooting , Let's have a look .

G20 2021 paragraph PLUS 2.0T The front face of gasoline automatic luxury executive version presents a burly design style , Full of power , The grille appears to have a great visual impact .

The size of the car is 5198/1980/1928mm, The wheelbase is 3198mm. The car is equipped with horse tires , The specifications of the front and rear tires are 225/55 R18, Multi spoke rim design is adopted .

The rear side ,G20 Showing a square design style , Exquisite tail lights with chrome trim , With a hidden exhaust pipe , The overall layout is very soothing , The visual effect is also very good .

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