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How much does it cost to keep a 2.0T Passat a year? Is 5000 a month enough? The owner told the truth

2021-08-28 20:23:24 Oriental Information automobile

Before buying a car, you should have a general and comprehensive impression , At least know what it will cost , The cost of maintaining and buying a car should be balanced , If you don't analyze the data, imagine , Will not associate with the whole process of using the car , Can the economy carry the low cost of the car 、 Medium consumption , And whether the average level of myself and the car owners is close to , Whether it's close or not , Reference is very important , Sometimes it can also be used as a wake-up call , There are too many such examples , A friend knows someone who barely starts with money 3 system , Then the money spent on the car almost drained him , In this direction, I think my economic level is different from that of most car owners , You can only cut your car and change hands .

This example does not carry any praise or criticism , Because everyone wants to spend their money on the car, their plans are different , Maybe 90% of some people don't care , Some people may even think half of them are too much and too scary , Even people with more social responsibility feel that it can only account for a small part , Otherwise the economy will be overloaded . Keep a car 2.0T How much does Passat spend a year ? a monthly salary 5 Is that enough ? The owner tells the truth .

The owner spent 190583 element , The car 167900, tax 14858 element , Licensing fees 500 element , Vehicle and vessel use tax 480 element , Strong risk 950 element , Commercial insurance 5895 element , This is also the premium for the first year . The second is the cost of oil 、 maintain 、 Miscellaneous expenses . The fuel charge only calculates the average mileage , Of course, the fuel consumption is also taken as the average , Suppose you drive 10000 kilometers a year , Hundreds of kilometers 8.4 An oil , oil price 7.3 yuan , One year's oil cost 6132 element .

In this way, the real cost of maintenance only needs to be done once , Because the first insurance is free , because 2.0T The maintenance cycle is 5 Thousands of kilometers , This time, you only need to do a simple engine oil filter project , Need to spend 856 element . Don't be frightened by this number , This must be the most basic , Want to have more advanced services, spend more , Many people have to configure their cars with other things . Miscellaneous expenses are expenses with higher freedom and more personality than the above expenses , To say that the above expenses are within a framed range , Miscellaneous expenses are very different . If you wash the car, press 25 In the case of meta computation , It also depends on the frequency of car washing, if once a month , A year spent 300 element . Suppose the parking fee is one year 2000 element , Violation fines are more flexible and less hypothetical 500 element , Miscellaneous expenses a year need 2800 element .

According to the above statement, the first year will take at least 15683, Apportioned to each month is about 1307 element , I wonder if friends with a monthly salary of 5000 can spare so much money every month to put it in the car , It's best if it works , No, don't be brave . If the will and objective conditions really need to spend, you can only find someone to support . The owner himself is full , And no financial pressure .

If a friend with a monthly income of 5000 has a car directly , The monthly surplus is more than 1300 A lot more , That must be the suggestion , And you can do more or other protection projects , But a friend who started out with a car loan , That's an exaggeration , It is likely that the loan will account for 90% of the cost of living , I can't afford a car at all , I dare not drive out , That's worse than not buying this car . If you calculate according to this data, it's just , It's equivalent to putting a penny of income into it , Then be careful , Because life sometimes has urgent expenses , Like medical expenses .

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